1. One of the hardest things I find about parenting is to block out consumerism from my sons’ lives best to my ability (having no TV channels is a big help).  I was insane as a child with materialism and do not want the same thing to happen to my sons.  I love that Mightee Kids has a way to teach children about different children around the world and amazing causes to make them aware of what other kids might go through on a regular basis, rather than in their own arena of life.

2. One of my Vintage outfits was featured here at Your Next Dress as a featured blogger (some immodest things in there, so click with discretion).

3. In case you were interested in learning, Here are ten things that you might not know about men who buy sex.

4. Considering most garment factories have slave labor, especially in countries like Bangladesh, I get sad in hearing news like this, and seeing pictures of the horrors that happen every day around the world.  If you are not aware of it, there was a building that collapsed killing 25 and injuring many.  Notice that picture #17 even looks like a young child which they call a “woman survivor”. #20 is of a child’s lower half laying lifeless from the rubble.

5. They say of the Acropolis, where the Parthenon is. . . (this is funny – British humor)

6. I want to make friends with this couple.  This is totally what I’d do if I were to get free gas too. haha.

7. We are still raising money for the 30 Hour Famine for a few more weeks. Please help feed children who are dying of starvation. $1 can feed a child for a day. Give $1 or more. $30 could feed a child for a whole month!

8. I have a love for corn and a love for pancakes. I am so going to make these corn pancakes for dinner soon. Mmm!!!

9. I’ve really been wanting to go longboarding (though I barely know how to), or at least roller blading (because I can do that, but I don’t have roller blades anymore – wore them down), The problem is that I have no idea where to do either of these things because there are limited areas where we could go that are safe for our boys (since we’d want them to ride their bikes).  This is pretty much how it is though (picture on the left found here. Picture on the right is me from a few summers ago).

10. I made a Playlist called My Mellow Moods.  I’m hoping you’ll enjoy listening to it (either keep this window tab playing or if you have Spotify it will play for you.  This is a link otherwise that you can open too for it).

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  1. Corn pancakes? Victoria, if I lived close enough I’d ask you to set an extra seat at the breakfast table. And those gas pump singers were outstanding. As the the article below that video said, “People – best thing about the world”.

    • We love having people over, so your wife and you are welcome whenever you get a chance to travel across the country to boring NJ. haha.
      I don’t think the guy was the best singer (his wife sang lovely though), but the two of them were adorable and I loved their confidence and their joy expressed. They were sweet.

  2. Thanks for #3. Interesting and disturbing.

  3. #1 – Yes so true!!!! I actually get kind of annoyed with my inlaws and parents at times (as bad as that may sound) b/c they spoil my little guy way too much with toys and now I think he almost expects it every time he sees them – so this is a challenge for us to teach.

    I am going to have to check out that Mightee Kids link more…

    I LOVE your featured looked too – perfectly vintage and whimsical at the same time 🙂

    • My parents and in-laws do that too. I don’t think my in-laws do it too badly though, but my parents don’t even bother to listen to me about how horribly they spoil them. They used to ask my mom every time they saw her what she got them (they haven’t done that in a few months, thankfully).

      Thank you!!!

  4. Hi Victoria! I’m Laura from Perched on a Whim. As a fellow aspiring skateboarder whose own cautious ways interfere with ever developing an actual comfortability, I really appreciate your comparison photos! Keep it up, and I enjoy your style of writing.

  5. The worst part about the horrible working conditions over there is that I read somewhere that it’s only a matter of cents per shirt,shoe, etc. to make things much better. it’s awful of companies but in the end it’s really consumers that drive it and i’m glad that J and I can almost always find things secondhand (or in my case of my special Mexican items, handmade). that’s great you try to raise your boys to not be consumerists, my parents didnt have a TV in our home until I was I think 7 and after that I was only allowed half an hour of TV every day and I think that helped a ton.

    • Too much T.V. isn’t good for people anyway. That’s cool that you were only allowed a certain amount of watching each day. I think some parents let their kids have too much TV exposure and not enough time spent with their children.


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