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mother'sday1thumbI’ve been so packed with various activities lately that I haven’t had a lot of sit-down time.  I am behind on reading blogs, I haven’t watched many movies lately, and I am a little behind in my book reading.  And the cool part about it, is that I’m extremely okay with it.  I love the sense of community we’ve had with some of the people who have been at our church for the past few months (near to a year).  We’ve been forming bonds with others and I love it.  Considering how far my best friends live, I really need that.  They live in Maine (8 hours away), South Jersey (3 hours from us), PA (2 hours away), and the Middle East (until the end of the summer before she comes home).  I get lonely pretty easily, so it is nice that there are people around whom I can hang out with.

Homeschooling this year is nearly complete, though I do continue to do certain teaching aspects in the summer (going to work on teaching Micah to read words this summer – he only knows a few).  I’ll be doing a lot of book reading and art things (and Leto will have summer reading too and book reports for each one).  I’m going to have to do placement tests for Leto because he is only 6 but is almost done with 1st grade now and I can totally see he is ready for 2nd grade in most subjects, but other subjects I see that he is still going to be in a 1st grade level in.  Considering the fact that I have the majority of his 2nd grade materials already, I am going to have to work a lot this summer on configuring and reworking his curriculum to suit his understanding.  Micah is almost done with preschool, but I’ll be doing Pre-K mixed with certain Kindergarten materials next year.  He’s finally been paying attention and isn’t being stubborn about not doing his work.  He’s starting to have more fun and that makes me thrilled.

My camera is running down on the end of its life which is sad for me.  I’ve had the same camera since around January of 2007 and use it constantly.  I’m not too happy about that since I do freelance photography, but no one’s been hiring me and I’m not upset, though I totally could use the money.  Thankfully Rob has an upgraded version of my camera that I can use in the meantime (but I like mine more).

These photos are from Mother’s Day.  I told you I’m behind . . .that includes in my own blogging.  I never really cared about Mother’s Day, but it was nice that for the first time I received a card from my sons as well as my husband.  We went to a park for a little bit after church and that is when these were taken.  Otherwise the day was the same as always. . .which every day as a mother is cherished (even the frustrating ones).  I wanted to climb trees so badly but Rob told me to not do it in a skirt after I was starting to do it. Next time in pants I’ll do it!

Oh, so yeah, this is the first outfit post with black hair. I like the color, but  think I like brown better.  Rob had been wanting me to dye it black for years and I always said, “No.”  I definitely like darker shades better than lighter ones for my hair though. In the sun my hair looks brownish, so that is pretty cool.  I also chopped off 2.5″ of my hair.
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[Outfit Details: Hairclip & Necklace – Lila-jo | T-shirt – American Eagle | Skirt – Won from a Shabby Apple giveaway | Shoes – TOMS]

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  1. You look beautiful! Yeah the hair looks brown, but it is still very pretty! I like the little “surprise” braid you have 🙂 I think that it is really cool that you home-school your kids! I am not sure I could ever do it, Kyle is the teacher in the house. I sometimes wish that I had been home schooled until high school, but, my mom would have never been able to handle it 😛 Also, your hair is so long that I didn’t even know you cut any of it off!

    • Hahaha! Yeah, I figured most people wouldn’t notice the haircut, but I notice it since I am used to it reaching a bit lower.
      Why do you sometimes wish that you had been homeschooled until high school?
      I was really good in school until 6th grade, so I don’t really know how that is going to pan out, but we’ll see how it goes. Rob and I weren’t very academic, but it is pretty easy to follow things that are in front of you to teach.

  2. You look so gorgeous! I have never won a Shabby Apple giveaway, but I’ve been dying for that exact skirt. Seeing it on someone other than the model makes me want it even more. You seriously look fantastic ❤



    Southern (California) Belle

  3. Loving the dark hair. You really know how to mix it up.

    Your boys are precious.

  4. You look so lovely! That skirt is really darling. It sounds like you guys are doing great with homeschooling. Sometimes when I was little I wished I could go to regular school but now that I’m older I see how blessed I was to be homeschooled – I was usually years ahead of the other kids my age!

    • Ah, that is really cool that you were homeschooled! That’s great that you were so advanced in your schooling because you had so much one-on-one time with a parent who taught you. I think I learned more in my time learning from my mom than I did in actual school systems that I was a part of (I wasn’t homeschooled).

  5. These pictures turned out so pretty! It looks like you had a wonderful mother’s day. The skirt you’re wearing here is absolutely adorable and I really love the big flower in your hair too.

  6. Gorgeous photos! They look like they’re out of a movie. I can’t decide if it’s a Wes Anderson movie or an end of the world film. Either way, beautiful!

  7. GORGEOUS skirt, and love the hair! sorry about your camer though:(

  8. Oh, love that look and skirt!

    I got my degree in elementary education, so it is always really interesting to me to read about parents who homeschool. I find the differences (and similarities) in structures and the flexibility really interesting, and can spark ideas for my own students.

  9. This must be brown-black or just natural black dye then? I like the raven black color on me (which I am going to redo on mine soon), where the reflection is either blue or none at all. It looks a bit fake, but there’s a doll-like effect to it.

    I think you look gorgeous. I don’t own a DSLR camera myself, but I’ve been borrowing my father-in-law’s since he uses his once in a while for work. I hope you find one cheap and reliable. It’s definitely an investment if you’re doing work with it.

    I agree with Vanessa above about Wes Anderson films! I see it in your photos 🙂

    I need to catch up on blogs too. Really, I think you’re the only one I try to catch up on!!

    • It was “Jet Black” but the problem is that I think it didn’t overpower enough of the bleached hair! My hair was turning white, so I think that’s just the result. I used 4 boxes of dye!!! I am glad that in the light it looks more brown though.

      My Mother-in-law & Sister-in-law get amazing deals at their job on Pentax cameras (they work for them), so we always get Pentax cameras. 😉 We just have no money to get a new one at this time.

      Thanks so much! I’m glad you catch up on my blog!! I miss talking to you!

  10. So pretty Victoria! You really are one of those gals that can pull of any hair color and look radiant. As always I really love seeing your family photos – they are always the cutest! This looks like the perfect way to spend Mother’s Day…no need for big celebrations, I agree. Just being with family is all that matters 🙂


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