I have been trying to connect with various mothers who have children (or women who don’t mind hanging out with me having children).  It is nice to be able to talk to and see how other mothers interact or handle their children.  We are all different, and it is really cool.  Also, I love for my boys to be with other children on a regular basis, rather than just by themselves.  Since they are homeschooled, this is the only way they can get social interaction (as well as at church with the boys that are around their age there).  Next school year I’m going to get them more involved in homeschool group activities.

It had been about a year and a half since I last saw one of my cousins pictured below (which I have 22 first cousins).  I’ll be honest, I’m not one who really feels a need to be closely knit with family members (I have yet to meet about 3 or 4 of my cousins even).  I appreciate seeing other families that are close, but I’m not one who really makes it a priority.  I do have about 2 cousins whom I feel generally close to; one whom I see from time to time who calls me every so often and one who lives in another state who messages & emails me here and there, but I feel close to her spirit.  I do however have a handful of “favorite cousins” even if I am not “close” to them.  My cousin Missy has always fallen into that category.  I got to meet her daughter for the first time, and goodness she is such a happy smiley baby and is so sweet!  I had only seen her son maybe one other time and he is a big 2.5 year old. He is so handsome and is funny little guy. My boys really enjoyed their time with them.  Missy’s a photographer too, if you are interested in seeing her work. Here are some photos I took of our time together.   They aren’t that great since I am adjusting to using Rob’s camera and am not used to it. Oh well though.Leah2thumb

Logan3thumb Letowatchingthumb Leah7thumb Leah1thumb

Micahthumb Logan2thumb LeahLoganshotthumb Leah8thumb Leah3thumb Letoraisinthumb

Logan1thumb LeahLoganshot2thumbMicahplayingthumb

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  1. Aw, how fun! I’m glad you’re interacting with other mommas and kids. I bet having that time with others who share the same season of life makes a big difference for your kiddos and for you. 🙂 Cute photos!!

  2. Love these portraits of these precious children.

  3. You are beautiful! Love the new change from blogger as well! Nice site!
    Thanks for your continued support.
    I just wanted to let you know I changed my blog from KlothCulture to SimplyShamime if you could follow me over there I would LOVE it!



  4. I tend to observe people in general, it’s one of my favorite things to do, but there are few things to observe that are more beautiful than the way a loving mother connects with her children. It’s so inspiring!


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