I know what you’re thinking, “I don’t remember the first post!”  I haven’t posted about the books we read in over a year.  I had issues with my scanner for a while and once I got it worked out, I just forgot to continue these.  This post has actually been waiting to be posted (in my head) since!  Finally I put the books under the scanner today!

I wanted to share with you our favorite Pirate books!!  I know, how cliche of me to have a Pirate book post on “Justice Pirate” blog.  We have four pirate books.  I know there are many out there, but I have yet to read others (perhaps in the future we’ll make a trip to the library to find more, but these four we own).

The Night Pirates by Peter Harris, Illustrated by Deborah Allwright:  I couldn’t wait to purchase this book a few years ago an got it probably super cheap on Amazon (I tend to buy things used even if they were former library books and cost me a penny on Amazon).  This is a book about a little boy who wakes up finding a bunch of girl pirates who are searching for treasure.  He is curious and joins them.  There are some adult male pirates that they found who are so sleepy but a bit scared by the girl pirates.  These pirates have been wanting so badly to keep good care of their treasure from the girls. Anyway, it is a really cute story.  The art is pretty and unique.


A Pirate’s Quest by Laura Sams & Robert Sams, Illustrated by Heiner Hertling: This is our favorite of our Pirate books!  The boys laugh the whole time it is read.  I read it with a sort of husky pirate sounding voice. The pirate wakes up and his heirloom peg leg is gone! What is he to do?  He goes on a quest to find his peg leg!  He will not rest until he finds it!  What I think we love so much about this story is that there are tons of animals throughout it that you can search for. Also they tell you there is a site where you can play a song that goes with the book (a sort of music video) done by the brother/sister authors. My boys adore seeing/listening to it after we read the book.  Also the art is pretty cool with lovely scenes on each page.


Roger the Jolly Pirate by Brett Helquist: This is a humorous way of explaining how the “Jolly Roger” flag came to be.  Roger is a terrible pirate. He’s too nice and happy.  All the other pirates make fun of him because he is not cruel or devious enough.  Maybe they do need him though.  Maybe they’ll realize how wonderful he is the way he is. Of course the end of the story even has The Ballad of Jolly Roger included (if you know the tune, you can sing it. . .which I do, haha).  The art is pretty intense and very vibrant. I recommend this for kids who are maybe 4+, as the imagery may actually be a little frightening to ones who are younger (This is the illustrator from the Lemony Snicket books). My boys laugh at this one too.


How I Became a Pirate by Melinda Long, Illustrated by David Shannon: A young boy sees a pirate ship coming towards the beach when he is playing there with his family.  His parents don’t believe him.  When the pirates land, the little boy is treated kindly and welcomed as an honorary crew member. He goes with them as long as he can be returned to his family.  He gets to learn about what they do and they play with him and are a kind crew.  They are in need of putting their treasure in a safe place, and the boy knows just the place!  This is funny.  The art is really fun too and is really colorful and filled with grand expressions!



Do you have any pirate books that you enjoyed reading perhaps in your childhood or to your own children?  

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  1. That peg leg one sounds like it’s a hoot, Victoria! Any chance you’ll post a video of you reading it with the husky piratey voice? C’mon, your readers are begging you!*


    *Well, one reader anyway.

  2. Thanks for the recommendations. These will be great for my nephews.

  3. Children’s books have always been my favorite (it’s the El Ed major in me)! I’ve heard of The Night Pirates before but have never read it. I’m especially loving the style of illustration…I’ll have to keep an eye out for it next time I’m in the bookstore 🙂


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