emmamoorehelenkeller1. My friend posted a tweet to a link that ended up leading me to this really great blog post. . .a young girl who dressed up as real women who are inspiring rather than Disney Princesses and others like them.  Disney princesses pretty much ruined me for a while, honestly.  This gives me hope for the young girls growing up in this generation.

2.  Jimmy Fallon sincerely does the best impersonation of Jim Morrison of the Doors doing his own rendition of “The Reading Rainbow”.  I’m impressed!  I used to be a very big fan of The Doors (Riders on the Storm was one of the first 45s I listened to as a child of 7, all on my own. . .playing it over and over again).

3.  It was nice to read this about Patrick Stewart. I teared up since I know what life under a war veteran is like (and it isn’t fun).

4. Ashley of Southern (California) Belle wrote a blog post about “The Blogging Mommy” and she included me, which was so thoughtful!!

5. I grew up around metalheads and understand what it is like to be mocked for things you like or are misunderstood by peers.  These two kids write music together and have fun doing it.  What great friends they seem to be. Watch this video about them.

6. I hope you’ll take a look at the recent photos I took while going to my friend’s daughter’s birthday party.

7.  Thanks to all those who wished Rob & I a happy 9th wedding anniversary yesterday.  It was a long day, but was nice to be able to go on a date with him after he got out of work.  We went to the Cheesecake Factory thanks to a gift card a friend gave us for Christmas that we kept for the occasion. I think we’ve had two dates in the past six months in general.  Rob loves cheesecake so much! Do you? We watched a terrible movie at home after putting the boys to bed, but that will show up in my next movie review post.

8.  I loved watching this “Evolution of the Swimsuit” video done by Jessica Rey who runs Rey Swimwear, a modest bathing suit company.  A bunch of what she said taught me things I had no idea about, and other things I just agreed with quite a bit.  It is really worth listening to/watching. Her swimsuits are fairtrade by the way. 😉

srilankadoctor9.  As a World Vision Child Ambassador, it does my heart good to hear stories of former sponsored children who are able to thrive out of their lives of poverty.  Here’s one who is now a teacher.  Here’s another training to become a doctor.  YOU can give hope to a child and see them succeed too!  Sponsor a child today.

10.  Yesterday the annual Human Trafficking of Persons Report was released.  I was so heartbroken to see a decline in countries who once may have worked harder against trafficking end up sliding downwards.  There are a few positives in other countries, but I saw way more declines.  As someone who reads these reports each year and constantly reads news on the subject, I only want to see an end to slavery/human trafficking, not see it get worse.  Please pray for victims and those who traffick them!

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  1. My sister in law shared with me that video with Rey this week! I really liked her speech, and I did learn so much about her through that video. She did take that National Geographic article and used it word for word on her speech, though! http://t.co/IgN3Ae1WNh Just this morning, Bust (feminist magazine) wrote about that video, and although I expected the harsh reaction, I also liked that some of them were a bit positive about it. I am satisfied with that. They just don’t like the part about having to cater to how men naturally act, because it’s their problem. THIS is where we must practice loving each other, because men are our brothers.

    I’ll have to watch that other video you posted too about metal heads. Your intro intrigued me 🙂


    • That is so interesting that she took the article word for word that you linked here. I agree about how definitely we need to show love to our brothers.

      Let me know what you think about the metalheads video.

      • I was so blown away! How often do you see this kind of thing, and with kids? I’m glad they found what they’re good at at such an early age. The internet makes it even easier to spread music. They’re really talented. I like their clothes too! There were 7/8 yo twins on Fox news this week that we saw who got famous through Youtube, because of their anti-bullying song as well. Maybe you can find out who they are if you search. I don’t remember their names. Their music sounded a lot like Taylor Swift’s though. These metalhead kids are definitely more up my alley 🙂


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