The youth group year has completed, though I am glad that there will be many students that we will keep in touch with and see throughout the summer before beginning a new year.  We only had two seniors this year.  We had a bbq on our last night (though this was on Father’s Day, so not everyone showed up).  The current youth pastor gave a great message about the first disciples and how they went on to tackle great things, though faced much persecution and death.  The two graduates will be going on to college, and we don’t want to send them out for the slaughter, but we do want them to continue to grow in Christ and not blend in.  There will be many difficult challenges that college comes with that they’ll learn.  May they shine a light to others while there.  This is our hope.  The leaders prayed over these young men who are entering a new chapter in their lives.  Please pray for them to continue to grow deeper in faith.

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  1. ahh! This makes me miss all the youth so0 much! I can’t believe all who are graduating. wow.

  2. Wow, congrats to those two! It feels so strange that it was ten years ago when I graduated. I constantly want to tell all of the senior kids I know to take more advantage of the years to come, but I guess they will all figure it out, just like I did, lol. I love these photos! I think it is awesome that you guys had a BBQ. I love all of the smiling faces 😀

    • Oh yes, it is strange to think about how quickly the years go since graduation. 10 years for you, 11 for me, 12 for Rob. We’re getting older and some of the kids that I have led in youth group already have graduated college! It is amazing!


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