biking1thumbbiking5thumb biking3thumb biking6thumbbiking9thumbboardin1thumbboardin2thumbI look back on my life and understand that I am glad my past is far behind me now.  Over the past year I’ve been going through any pains from my (childhood) past that I have held on to and have made a hard decision to grow through them. This means I’ve had to make some apologies to people (still working on it, as I’ve been trying to just get in touch with a few hurt within the past couple years).  In other ways it has meant that I’ve had to forgive a lot of people. A lot of people.  In living a life radically for Christ, I understand that I cannot take that step without living in complete forgiveness daily.  I don’t like the person I was, but am thankful for the person the Lord has made me into and am glad that there are ways that I am growing now even though I am starting to get older.  It is fun that I am “growing up” in my last few months of being in my 20s.

I pray that I can train my own sons to be able to forgive not only people who might hurt them, but teach them to forgive themselves and hope that they also will not hurt anyone.  I know that my heart was easily broken by people who hurt me, and I don’t want my sons to go through that or make others go through that.  They are beautiful and are so young and now that I am getting through my own past, I can watch out as my sons get to that stage where it starts getting difficult and kids start being cruel.  I know some people who have never properly dealt with their pasts and still hold things against themselves or others. I don’t want to be like that or my sons to be like that.  It creates a lot of problems.

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  1. It’s never too late to keep growing and I certainly see many people, even grandparent-aged that still don’t forgive so it’s wonderful to hear you’re going through this! And of course wonderful that you want to teach your children to be loving and forgiving as well. Also, to reply to your comment on my post – glad to hear you found the travel tips useful : ) Hope your beautiful little family had a wonderful 4th!

  2. oh and I love your pictures, you all seem to be having tons of fun and your neighborhood looks so gorgeous w/ all those big trees!

  3. I seriously think you have the cutest boys, those eyes! Complete forgiveness is so hard. It feels almost natural to hold onto grudges and keep living so I understand how hard this journey is to do the opposite. I have a feeling your boys are going to learn a lot from you 🙂



    Southern (California) Belle

    • My boys are the cutest! Of course if you have a boy you’ll naturally say your little one is the cutest too! hehe. As it should be!
      I hope they will learn a lot. We’ll see how it goes. Doing what I can for now!

  4. I agree Victoria that its tough, but letting go of grudges and forgiving others is so so important. I have dealt with becoming bitter towards others from my past and it was so freeing and totally God who helped me to forgive as He has forgiven us. Your kids are adorable of course and I love your hat! I recently bought one that is similar and I think its going to come in handy this summer.

    In Christ,

  5. I’m definitely one that has to work on my grudges that I’ve held from people in my past – so I can totally relate. I constantly go back to how Christ has so much grace with us no matter how many times we mess up.

    Of course – ADORABLE photos of fam as always! Your boys and their big beautiful eyes….love it! In reply to your question – I totally think it has been much easier adding a second child to the mix than I expected. It creates a certain balance that wasn’t there before., plus I love that my oldest son with have a little brother to play with now 🙂

  6. You are doing a wonderful job raising your boys! They look so happy and healthy and will hopefully continue to be when they grow into adulthood with the mentality that you are setting out for them. It is hard to forgive people, but, it shows a lot of growth. It is good that you are teaching this to them now at a young age 🙂


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