antfarm1thumbLast year the boys had a load of fun watching chrysalis turn into butterflies.  At some point they were given an ant farm by my in-laws.  All we had to do was get the ants for it.  I finally found a place online that sold ants for $5 without shipping or handling expenses shooting out of the roof (some places will do it for $30, which is so crazy!! Not spending that much on ants).

I don’t like ants, that’s for certain.  The boys were getting really thrilled about getting them.  When they arrived, Rob poked three holes into the habitat/farm, which I guess was to get them started.  It took a couple days before we started to see them digging around.  We kept the ants for a month and the boys quickly got bored after maybe the first week or two.  It was not as great as the butterflies, but they still enjoyed watching the ants.  They loved learning about ants during their time watching them, so it was a great lesson!

I didn’t get pictures of the end result, but you get the basic idea of what their farm was like.


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  1. Still very cool! I am glad they liked it, even if it was only for a few weeks!

  2. Wow, does this bring back memories or what!? When I was little my grandma gave one of these little ant farms to my sister and I. We had that thing forever! They really are so interesting, aren’t they? Alex


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