[Movie Ratings are on a scale of 1-5.  Anything rated over 3 stars and is in bold, is usually a pretty good rating (5 star ratings are very rare with me)! –  Content is listed for those who are careful about what they or their children view (or what to be aware of). I usually rate based on content, plot, photography/direction, and acting.]

Anything Goes 1956 (w/ Bing Crosby, Donald O’Connor, Mitzi Gaynor, Phil Harris, Zizi Jeanmaire) – 3.25 stars – Two men in show business are trying to find a leading lady for a play.  They each find a woman they believe is perfect for the role which makes for a difficult situation but then there is also love happening in each of them.  I love how this was filmed, especially the dance sequence on the boat.  There were so many wonderful song & dance scenes.  I thought it was really well done with wonderful costumes.  Donald O’Connor’s song/dance scene with the children was so cute and I adored the ballet/jazz combo dance scene a lot. content: smoking, drinking, cleavage, a woman getting dressed behind something but showing off her legs as she puts on stockings, immodest dance outfits, kissing, a song about the future where Bing Crosby holds a “crystal ball” saying he has powers (as a comedy gag)

Anything Goes put together
Little Nemo
 1992 ( voices of Gabriel Damon, Michey Rooney, Laura Mooney, Rene Auberjonois) – 3 stars – This is an anime that I saw a couple times when I was a kid.  Nemo has a lot of dreams and hangs out with his friend Icarus (a flying squirrel).  The circus comes to town and they take him to Slumberland which is too close to Nightmareland.  Nemo wants to help save the king of Slumberland and his daughter.  Is it possible? What it really comes down to is that the little boy just wants time to spend with his dad and he is conflicted about that. The art of course was lovely througout it.  Our sons enjoyed it, and I was thinking some of the imagery would scare my 4 year old, but it didn’t (there is a character that looks like the typical demon depiction).  I personally wasn’t fond of the sorcery usage at all, so we won’t be seeing it again, but the overall story of a boy overcoming fear with courage to save people and putting his life on the line was really great.  content: smoking (a lot). a woman presses a young boy’s face into her very full chest with cleavage shown, sorcery, scary imagery, old man calls a little girl “kinda cute” when she’s angry, kissing

A Song is Born 1948 (w/ Danny Kaye, Virginia Mayo) – 3 stars – This is a remake of “Ball of Fire” which I reviewed ages and ages ago now but the subject matter is different.  A bunch of men have been studying music from various cultures for quite some time.  When window washers come into their place to ask them some questions about music, they learn that music in their own culture has been changing and they haven’t even noticed!  Mr. Professor Frisby goes searching in the nightclubs for new music to study.  We see loads of famous musicians in this (Benny Goodman, Tommy & Jimmy Dorsey, Louis Armstrong, Page Cavanaugh Trio, Lionel Hampton, and Louis Bellson).  So good.  A girl who sings in a nightclub has a gangster boyfriend.  She goes to the professor’s place to hide out from the law.  The professor is starting to fall for her.  This was the 4th Kaye/Mayo movie I’ve seen.  It was good, but sad at times because of how Mayo’s character has to act at times.  I don’t like when women try to play men and when men try to control women, and both things are shown in this film.  content: smoking, drinking, immodesty (strange nightclub get-up Virginia Mayo wears in a couple of longer scenes and it is not very much even for that time), kissing, deception, punching, threatening, trying to force a woman against her desires into marriage, people held up with guns

Wings 1927 (w/ Clara Bow, Charles ‘Buddy’ Rogers, Richard Arlen, Jobyna Ralston, Gary Cooper) – 3 stars – This was the first film to receive “Best Production” award (they didn’t have a “Best Picture” back then, but basically that is what it meant. This is about two guys in love with a woman named Sylvia.  She is in love with only one of them though.  There is another woman (Mary) who is in love with one of the men but he sees her simply as a friend. The two , men go off to fight in WWI though the two men always have a rivalry with each other.  The scenes in the air in this film were pretty amazing (though war violence is sad).  This was pretty intense for a silent film with how much stunt work had to be done.  The lead role of the guy in this totally looks like Robert Downey Jr. in the early 90s when he was slightly chunkier and had his hair parted in the middle and longer (really strange).  This was a very sad movie, though well done.  There is also the “survivor’s guilt” shown in it.  content: kissing, punching, fighting, blood shown at various times, people shown dying in battle by gun-shot (war), planes go down in war, explosions where buildings fall on people. Close-ups of a woman’s bum in a tight dress, immodesty, drunkenness/drinking (including hallucinations), naked statue of a woman shown, men going after women for pleasure in France, man touches a woman’s covered breast accidentally, a woman is undressing and is shown naked from her top half extremely briefly as men walk in on her changing (had no idea that was coming in a silent film), smoking, you can see a character mouthing the “ba” word after he shoots down the “enemy soldiers”

China Cry 1990 (w/ Julia Nickson-Soul, France Nuyen, Russell Wong, Philip Tan) – 3.75 stars – Here’s the thing, I rated this so high for a few reasons, the first reason is because it was one of the first movies I had ever seen about Christian persecution and I used to watch it often as a child (yes, my mom had me watch this when it came out, even though I was only 7).  It is about a Chinese girl that was born in a Missionary hospital, but was abandoned.  She was adopted by a Doctor & his wife in Shanghai.  They were kicked out of their home by the Japanese in 1941.  She lives now (in the film) in Communism but is fond of being a part of it.  She marries a man from Hong Kong, and this causes a  problem in many ways.  She is starting to grow deep in faith in Jesus and the Communists are not happy with the man she married at all. There is a book that this is based off of that I will want to read.  There was a lot withheld from this story that is probably more intense, but I think this shows life in that time very well and it has always effected me (this story).  Although this doesn’t cover her whole story, it covers her time in China pretty well.  My only complaint is that whenever she’s pregnant, her belly has a pillow stuffed in her clothes and it looks so bad, but she plays a pregnant lady well. content: a man gets hit & blood is shown, persecution in regards to religious selection is shown.  Fortune telling, kissing, shooting towards a person, forceful unkind labor of a pregnant detainee, men shown without shirts on, drug use (opium), people in bed together (fully clothed), people fighting (blood shown)
ChinaCry Screenshots

Hometown Legend 2001 (w/ Lacey Chabert, Terry O’Quinn, Nick Cornish) – 2 stars – This starts off with a bargain with God (really odd to me when people do that).  A former Alabama football high school coach is coming back to coach again after he retired due to a tragedy 12 years earlier. There is a high school prayer team of girls that have to pray for a football player throughout the season.  Elvis wants to win a football scholarship.  He thinks he is the answer for the town’s football team, but the problem he found is that the school might shut down completely as it is.  This was a faith-based movie, though I don’t see much of it revealed in this.  It seems like the only mention is in regards to praying to Him, which usually are bargaining prayers for one’s own way.  It wasn’t a bad story, but there was honestly nothing special about it.content: deceit, death,   name calling, needing to “pop a nut” as a kid gets a scrotum injury and he holds himself in that area, kissing

Ocean’s Eleven 1960 (w/ Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis Jr, Dean Martin, Peter Lawford, Joey Bishop) – 3 stars – I somehow watched the remake of this before ever seeing this (usually I am an original version only type of girl as it is).  New Year’s Eve is coming around.  Danny Ocean gets a bunch of his buddies together to pull a heist on New Year’s Day on the minute of the new year, so that they can get money from casinos.  Oh goodness, this film ended nothing at all like I thought it would! I laughed a little.  The singing in this was great, especially Sammy Davis Jr. content: smoking, drinking (drunkenness), stealing, gambling, a burlesque scene, a man is having an affair (it is talked about, nothing is shown), kissing, language: hell used incorrectly, small a word, d word

Hidden Places 2006 (w/ Sydney Penny, Jason Gedrick, Shirley Jones,  Gene Davis, Tom Bosley) – 2.75 stars– This is a faith-based movie about a family in the depression (w widowed mother of two) who is trying her best to keep her orange orchard, but has the threat of losing her home.  A wanderer comes around and has a story that is unknown.  How can she trust her? Yet people are telling her to feed him and let him stay at her place so she can pay less for labor. She lives with her Aunt as well.  This was an interesting story but was so slow. I actually turned it off a year ago and finally decided to watch it all the way through.  It got better with time, thankfully.  It is a good story but sometimes that acting was terrible.  I felt badly for Jones & Bosley who are acclaimed stars. content: kissing, woman in a nightgown (very modest though)

The Harvey Girls 1946 (w/ Judy Garland, Angela Lansbury, Cyd Charisse, John Hodiak, Ray Bolger, Virginia O’Brien) – 3.25 stars – The story is based on frontier/pioneer women who went west to serve as waitresses called “Harvey Girls”.  Susan is on her way to meet her husband as a mail-order bride in New Mexico.  She is on the train with a bunch of Harvey Girls and starts befriending them. This of course, with a cast like this is a musical.  Forget Oklahoma, this is where it is at. One other good thing about this film is that they had Native Americans hanging out all around intertwined and at peace with the people in the town as well as a man with African descent who is treated pretty well.  Too many times in these old movies we see too much racism or they are made to look stupid!  The songs are really fun and beautiful in this movie, and the costumes and hairstyles are brilliant! It was also cute to see another Judy Garland movie where she dances with the scarecrow from Wizard of Oz, Ray Bolger (yep, he’s in this one – very funny character).  I really enjoyed this because it wasn’t extremely long and it kept my interest the entire time!  content: smoking, drinking, women shown in bloomers (still extremely modest for today), women who work in the bar dressed immodestly (like can-can girls), kissing, a half-naked statue. fighting, punching, arson, shooting

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  1. Wow, I love how detailed all your reviews are! I rarely watch movies at home because I ALWAYS fall asleep. I loved the comment you left on my blog, I think it’s interesting that you just had a feeling you’d be a mother of two boys. I always wanted a girl and when I finally got pregnant I just couldn’t imagine my life with a boy. I prepared myself for it, but it just didn’t seem like it would ever be real. It’s funny how you just know sometimes…



    Southern (California) Belle

    • Oh wow, you always fall asleep when watching movies? Aw.
      Maybe one day you’ll have a little boy? Right now of course you can’t picture that since you are about to have a little girl and will adjust to that! I mean, even after I had Leto, I couldn’t even imagine having a second child and then when I found out I was pregnant again. . .I then started picturing it and knew it would be another boy and I had dreams of them before I was even pregnant. My husband was hoping for a little girl the second time, but he was happy about another little guy being put into our lives. hehe. That’ just how it happens sometimes! I know someone who is a technician and tells people the genders of their babies and sometimes the parents get so upset. It is so sad!! Either way they should be happy!!

  2. Wow! There are so many great recommendations of classic movies. Thanks!

  3. ALL movies I have not seen before! I tried sitting through the new Ocean’s 11, but I did not like it. I mi ght like the original better I think. I have a hard time getting Kyle to watch classic movies, so this is a good list of some I would like to watch when I get the chance. They Harvey Girls seems right up my ally!


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