I am a Lifesong blogger, and am a bit behind in making this post on their behalf. Please take the time to check this out! Thanks!13-7 MM Email

Lifesong Farms. Through the partnership and expertise from our friends at Plant Sciences, Inc., jobs have been created for in-county orphan caregivers and orphan graduates who are transitioning into adulthood. The goal of Lifesong Farms is to not only benefit these individuals with employment, but also to establish sustainable businesses to help fund on-going orphan care.

Enjoy these updates from Lifesong Farms in Zambia and Ukraine…


Because of the faithful work of our 16 farm ladies, we have been able to grow and sell berries to local grocery stores. More important than the berries sales, it is exciting to provide employment opportunities for these women, many of them widows, who care for multiple children.

Zambia Employment page


Sales 9

Strawberries from Lifesong Farms-Ukraine are now in 5 different grocery stores in the Kharkov area. Sergei (pictured) and Andrei, both Lifesong graduates, have done an excellent job heading up this project. It’s been amazing to watch these two young men, once behind orphanage walls, grow in their relationship with Christ and develop the skills to become successful businessmen. We are thankful to give opportunities to not only these two young men, but over 100 graduates who are employed through Lifesong Farms and other opportunities.


First Harvest is In! – Lifesong Farms-Ukraine share pictures and thoughts from their first harvest this year. Read More

Brush to Berries – Listen in to how Lifesong Farms got started in Zambia. Watch Video

A Growing Potential – Orphan graduates, Andrei and Sergei, receive intentional and godly mentorship through Lifesong Farms. Read more

Sustainable Business – Learn more about Lifesong’s sustainable business efforts in Ukraine, Zambia and Honduras.  Read More

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  1. Wow what an amazing organization and for a great cause! I need to watch this video when I am on a different computer.

  2. I’ve never heard of this organization before. What a brilliant way to provide employment opportunities to these women and orphans. I’m going to need to read more now b/c the Mr. and I are always looking to get behind great causes as well as our church. My grandfather was an orphan and grew up in horrible conditions in the orphanage – his sister even beaten to death there – so naturally any organization that gets behind orphans has a special place in my heart 🙂

    • Oh wow. That is so sad to hear about your grandfather’s sister! Why would they do that!?
      I am glad to hear that your grandfather was adopted (or was he not adopted?) and that you have a heart for orphanages and such because of him. Lifesong is really beautiful. I hope to adopt through them one day.


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