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[Outfit Details: Top – Sevenly for Destiny Rescue (Saving children from Sex Trafficking)| Jeans – American Eagle | Shoes – TOMS ]

Doing: relaxing for the first time since Friday
Listening: The Brady Bunch episode (season 4, disk 3) where they sing “It’s a Sunshine Day” and “Keep On”
Reading: First They Killed My Father by Loung Ung & Erasing Hell by Francis Chan

I don’t make too many posts that include my dog Patience.  I can only recall her being in maybe one other entry.  I thought I’d explain a little bit about who she is.  A lot of people don’t even realize we have a dog, so that’s why I am posting this!

I used to work at a pet store when I finished my junior year of high school up through the time I was 19, when I tried to get a full time job instead.  I’ve been a big animal lover forever and I always would love to spend time with the dogs while I cleaned kennels (mmm, puppy poop).  Patience was the runt of the litter and we had her for a full month and a half at the pet store (we sold dogs starting at 2 months old).  I was so surprised that no one was even asking to look at her.  I already had a Shetland Sheepdog named Precious that was getting older at that time (my family had bought her when I was 10).  Whenever the store was empty and I had finished my work, I’d hold Patience and let her run around the store (which we did from time to time to get people interested in buying as it was).  I asked the store owner if I could take her home on a trial basis for two weeks before deciding if I could buy her (I already knew I would though).  He said that was not a problem at all.  I knew that my parents would not agree to me having a dog if I asked them, but I knew their hearts would melt if I had them hold her.  She was so tiny and so sweet.  I didn’t need to have her for a trial any longer, for I bought her the next day (she was 4 months old at that time).

I was dating Rob at the time and he paid for half of her and I paid for the other half, and we got her for about $350 even though she was priced for about $750 (huge employee discount there – it helps that my dad built the pet store and my parents have known the owners the majority of my life.  I was offered a job at their store when I was 10 and they called me as soon as I was of age to work, in which I had another job and thankfully they kept calling).    Patience was our dog but would live with me and my family (Rob had a cat named Adric that we got together from my job about 9 months earlier that lived with his family, who sadly has since died of cancer).  Shelties are very smart dogs and are easy to train, so it only took a couple days before she was potty trained.  At full size, she was half the size of my dog Precious.

Rob and I have always adored our little dog.  We have about ten different nicknames for her.  Unfortunately, when we moved to our current home when I was pregnant with Micah, we were not allowed to bring her with us, so she has since lived with my parents.  We do see her regularly but it is so difficult to not have her following us around or sleeping in between our legs if we are on a couch or the floor (or in my case on our bed; she was always sleeping on me towards the edge of the bed on my legs).  She was always such a cuddly lap dog with us.  As you can see she doesn’t use a leash (neither did Precious whom I also trained).  Patience is now 11.  Precious was 11 when she died, but Patience is in much better health, so I’m hoping she has another 4 years with us.  Lately I’ve been really worried about Patience though, because my parents’ dog Holli (a German Shepherd/Golden Retriever mix) died in her sleep after a really hard weekend just a couple of months ago (she was 14).  Patience would NOT leave her side at all and was with her at her death.

We are very content with the home (duplex) we live in, but we always say that the downside is the lack of dogs in our home (we miss Patience like crazy and wish our boys could have her around daily) .  If we could ever afford our own house we’d end up having maybe 4 dogs (and I have a friend who places dogs from a shelter into homes, so that number would probably jump higher in that case haha).
I leave with you two old pictures of Patience. The first is of me with Patience when she was a puppy. The second one is of Rob with Patience during our first year of marriage (you are so hot, Honey).
p1Man and His Best Friend

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  1. The boys are so cute with your dog! And did you know that I actually remember “Sunshine Day” from watching that episode when it first came on? I mean like really the first time, not a re-run or anything. I know, I’m old; I watched Brady Bunch in its original run.

  2. What a nice story! Patience is a sweet and beautiful dog.

    I love dogs. I have 2 of my own. Thanks for sharing this. And your boys are mega cuties too.

  3. Puppy-Patience was so cute!! She’s still so cute now too!

  4. HOW DID ID MISS THIS POST. Seriously! CUTE all around! Such a cute little pup! That is awesome that you got to take her home with you. Working at a pet store would have been the worst thing ever for me! lol. She looks happy, and your boys look happy playing with her 😀

    • Yeah. . .I took home beta fish, a cat, a dog, some frogs, and was so close to bringing home even more animals. It was bad for me to work there too, but I really loved the job other than all the puppy paperwork when I’d sell one and the loads of phone calls I had to answer.

  5. I totally missed that you had a dog at your parents! I knew that you were an animal lover! I like the names you came up with, Precious and Patience.That does stink that you can’t bring in pets at your place. We are living with my in-laws and they have two dogs right now, one bichon and one maltese (whities!). We took the third bichon home where we used to live, but he died there too. We think it might be the same reason why Rob and I both got sick in that house. We’re not sure, but it’s all making sense to us now. Praise God though for Rob’s parents for taking us in!

    Glad you got my letter 🙂 I am awaiting yours!


  6. I have a sheltie too! Aren’t they the best? SO sweet and obedient… and smart! Love this ❤ Alex


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