[Movie Ratings are on a scale of 1-5.  Anything rated over 3 stars and is in bold, is usually a pretty good rating (5 star ratings are very rare with me)! –  Content is listed for those who are careful about what they or their children view (or what to be aware of). I usually rate based on content, plot, photography/direction, and acting.]

42 2012 (w/ Harrison Ford, Chadwick Boseman, Nicole Beharie, Christopher Meloni) – 3.5 stars– This is the story of Jackie Robinson and how he changed the world of baseball forever as the first African American to play professional baseball with white men to mix things up.  I remember as a child I watched a movie in which Jackie Robinson himself starred in called “The Jackie Robinson Story”.  It was short but it showed me a lot about what craziness of racism that many people with African roots had to deal with in the 50s (and many continue to go through and should not at all).  The outfits and hairstyles in this are so great.  I must say, Harrison Ford’s crazy make-up job in this was really strange and made him look a lot less like himself (but you totally see him, especially in that smirk).  This movie was pretty well done and it is the first time I didn’t hear Mr. Ford say the s word (in his newer films, that just seems like his favorite word).  The lead actor who played Mr. Robinson was very wonderful!  I enjoyed his performance a lot.  There was one scene that really made me so sad.  I’ll tell it to you since I don’t believe it gives anything away.  A boy at a baseball game hears all the name calling going on towards Mr. Robinson and he doesn’t know what to think about it, but suddenly joins in the jeering.  It is amazing how well he played regardless of the hatred against him. I truly admire the man.  The film was well done.  content: many racist remarks made that are inappropriate, language: hell used improperly, ba word, b word, s word, d word, God’s name used blasphemously (only heard one. . .which is still one too many than I like), long & short a words; a man in bed with a woman he isn’t married to (he is shirtless, she is in a slip that seems covering & she uses an innuendo), a man in boxers, kissing42film

Strange Bedfellows 1965 (w/ Rock Hudson, Gina Lollobrigida, Gig Young) – 2.75 stars – Two people meet and marry within 24 hours.  They have many issues with one another since they knew nothing about each other at all when they wed (it was strictly based on appearances).  After years of silence, Carter wants a divorce.  It is not allowed as his business wants him use his marriage for his image.  It was a funny romantic comedy.  I think the taxicab conversations are the best in it.  content: smoking, kissing, drinking, woman throwing things at her husband, man seen in boxers, a man openly checks out his wife (her legs especially is closed in by the camera), a married couple in bed together, a woman in lingerie (long full slips, cleavage shown), arguments between a married couple, innuendos, two men in bed shown with one another, punching, the d word, a woman in a flesh colored unitard, a man accidentally rips a woman’s dress (she is in a full covering slip)

High Society 1956 (w/ Grace Kelly, Bing Crosby, Frank Sinatra, Louis Armstrong, Celeste Holm, John Lund) – 3 stars – This is a bit of a remake of The Philadelphia Story. Basically the difference is that the acting isn’t as good (as much as I love Grace Kelly and Bing Crosby especially) but the music in it is lovely (love Louis Armstrong any day, but the dream honeymoon boat song was so lovely too). The little girl in this movie is the best character and is the comedy break here and there.  Tracy is going to get married for the second time.  Her first husband stops by to interrupt her time.  Tracy’s father has an affair going on with a chorus girl, and as a distraction, a columnist and a photographer are invited to cover the story of Tracy’s wedding, where the household puts on a bit of an act to gain a good reputation. The whole time you see confusing in the mind of Tracy.  She seems to have three guys falling for her all at once right before she gets married.  This version wasn’t that bad, I just like original versions better usually.  Grace Kelly has the best wardrobe.  content: smoking, deceit, talk of affairs, kissing, drinking (drunkenness), the a word extended into another word, a woman in a bathing suit (one-piece), a woman kisses a man she is not engaged to

Children of the Pyre (documentary) – 2.75 stars – Children in the ghats of Banaras (in India) work with pyres as they cremate the dead.  This is their story, what they deal with and how they are treated.  This was very sad to see and shows what life is like for many people along the Ganges River in India.  We learn about the dreams the children have while they are daily surrounded and confronted with death.  It was hard to take because while watching, you wonder how long they will live and how they will spend their time living it.  It seems very depressing.  You want so much better for these children as you watch it.  They are considered Dalits (untouchables) in an extremely low caste system there.  This movie was so real, but very slow, though always interesting to listen to what they have to say.  Thankfully, the man who made this film now works to help these children and others like them.  You can help them here. There was an update about the children in the film here whom have been helped. content: many bodies shown being burned (sometimes pieces of bodies are loose or hanging), language used multiple times (like the f word or ba word), smoking and other tobacco use, drug use (by children – who say they are addicted but it gets them through their job), a father abusing his son, fighting, stealing, nudity (little boys getting dressed outside), a woman dancing for a large group of men and boys (she is dressed in a sari revealing her belly/back), a very young girl dances and is handed money by men (she gives it to the older women)

A Band Called Death 2012 (documentary) – 3.75 stars – This is the story about three brothers who created a rock band in the early 1970s in Detroit, while the rest of their community soaked in Motown.  We learn about what their passions were and how family and music meant so much to them.  I had seen the trailer a few months ago and had listened to the album, which was kept away until after 35 years of it being created!  I was pleasantly surprised by the story.  I grew up around the underground music culture, so this was definitely a reason why we wanted to see this, as they were proclaimed to be punk before punk!  content: talk about Jesus (a lot), language: 2 uses of the f word, smoking, a song being sung about ganga, drinking, talk about drunkenness, talk about deathdeathband

Entertaining Angels 1996 (w/ Moira Kelly, Martin Sheen, Heather Graham) – 3 stars – This is supposed to be about Dorothy Day’s life.  If you don’t know who she is, she had a sincere heart for people and loved God so much.  The beginning of the movie reviews her early life, a woman journalist who fought for women’s rights, who lived day to day doing what she wanted to while getting a story.  After going through a hard time, she stayed in a beach home where she started to grow interested in the Catholic church and the homeless.  Although the man she begins to fall in love with doesn’t like religion, this causes a problem for her once again.  Although I am not a Catholic, I do highly admire much of Dorothy Day’s work & beliefs and how she lived later on in life.  Martin Sheen’s accent in this was annoying, though I enjoyed the character he portrayed! content: smoking, drinking, kissing, a woman laying on top of a man while caressing his nipple (it is not focused on and they are talking as she does it), a man’s chest seen, an illegal abortion talked about being performed (in the 1910s), unwed man and woman in bed together talking about having just had sex (the woman has a sheet around her, her shoulders are shown), punching, people going into a rage, blood shown, language (d word multiple times, ba word, hell used incorrectly), racist remarks made, suicide (body shown, but not it happening), talk about God

Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House 1948 (w/ Carey Grant, Myrna Lloyd, Melvyn Douglas) – 2.5 stars– A man seems unsatisfied with his current living arrangements and the tightness of his house.  He believes in having a bigger home to meet the space and hobbies of his interest, but his family seems to need to spend more money each time they work something out.  Of course going through this whole event leads to problems and issues.  What drama.  I will say that although I love a lot of Myrna Lloyd and Carey Grant films when they aren’t together, they aren’t that great together in this film.  I was disappointed and it wasn’t as good as I hoped it would be.  I have a feeling this was deemed a flop and that may be why I had never heard of it before as well.  I enjoyed everyone outfits in this film and hairstyles and the children in it were great too.  content: man’s upper chest shown, woman’s shoulders seen in a shower, smoking, kissing

Start the Revolution Without Me 1970 (w/ Gene Wilder, Donald Sutherland, Victor Spinetti, Hugh Griffith, Billie Whitelaw, Ewa Aulin) – 2 stars – When a Duke and a peasant both come in contact with one another while their wives are in labor, each one might have received one of the other’s son.  This of course leaves for a view into their lives and how they may get a taste of life in aristocracy and peasantry by people recognizing them as the other.  This of course is all about the French Revolution.  Although a lot of it was pretty funny (who doesn’t love Gene Wilder?), much  of this movie was disappointing and not so great and at times boring.  This is not a kid friendly movie either, in case you were wondering.  content: mistreatment of women (in various ways), baby nudity (you can see the scrotum of boys), a naked male statue, light language (hell used incorrectly, d word, I don’t recall others), immodesty, sexual innuendos, a woman at one point shows most of her breast to reveal a birthmark to a sister and a man who stares at it and lusts after her, fighting/punching, drunkenness, a man in a bath (appears to be naked while in it)

Safe Haven 2013 (w/ Josh Duhamel, Julianne Hough, David Lyons, Cobie Smulders, Noah Lomax, Mimi Kirkland, ) – 3.25 stars – There seems to be a bit of a paranoia in the life of Katie.  She moves to a new town while having something that we will watch unravel that has hurt her in some way.  She meets a widower with a family and starts to really enjoy the time spent with them.  I like how they portrayed the children in this, as I think it is kinda lifelike for how some kids would act in this situation.  The scenery and setting is quite beautiful throughout the film as well.  Although the bad in this is really bad, and the good in this seems really good, there are times that I wanted to scream because of the conviction of God in my life in seeing this. I can’t explain because it would mean telling you about spoilers.  However things “turn out okay” and there is a surprise type of ending which I didn’t expect at all.  Though I almost rated this lower, I did hold back tears and did think it was good and brought emotion to me.  Not many films do that. I was never bored by it.  content: man’s chest shown, woman in bikini, immodesty (woman’s bare back shown, cleavage seen several times, short shorts worn), domestic violence, punching, the s word used 2x, God’s name used in vain sadly a few times (way to ruin the film for me a bit by putting this in), a man seen drunk a couple times, alcohol shown, “hell” used improperly about 4 times, kissing, a sex scene (I skipped it, but it seemed to be just two people in bed together with a blanket over them as they kiss), alcohol shown, marital affair, guns/gunshot, a dead bodysafehavenfilm


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  1. OMG I wanted to see 42 for awhile, but A band called Death sounds so cool! I will have to get Kyle to watch that one with me! I have not seen a whole lot of movies lately because all of the movie rental stores by us shut down except for 1 that is 3 miles away, and also Netflix has very limited movies. Where do you get movies from? I also just watched Philadelphia Story and thought of you. Because most classic movies remind me of you, lol.

    • We get our movies from Netflix!!! 😉 I get 3 at a time though. I am mixed on The Philadelphia Story, but it has been some time since I’ve seen it. That is funny that classic films remind you of me! I have always loved them since childhood though!

  2. The only one I’ve seen is High Society and I agree with your comparison to The Philadelphia Story completely 100%, Victoria. The music is wonderful but the story itself really lags despite being populated with talent. It just doesn’t have the easy believability of the original. Perhaps I’m spoiled because I saw TPS first; it’s a classic for good reason.


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