I’ve been dreading it all year.  I’ve started to accept it though. 30.
I’ll be 30. November 3rd is when a new decade and chapter of my life begins.  Though the idea of aging and getting away from my 20s is coming so near, I want to make 30 great.

SreedeviTherefore, after much deciding of how to celebrate my birthday and my year, and because I’ve been a child ambassador for World Vision for over a year now, I wanted to help make 30 children, their families, and their communities feel purpose and a way out of poverty.  Help Sponsor a child today through my page I made to reach my goal! World Vision provides a way of sharing the love of Christ with poor communities around the world by working with them in various ways.  Maybe some of these families haven’t any food, clean water, medical access, educational access, or the ability to learn about God.  World Vision works to help meet their needs and help them in so many ways.  You can help change lives! Most of the world makes less than a dollar a day, which is certainly hardly enough to provide for a family.  Help sponsor today, please!

In this post I want to talk about Sreedevi, who is  a young teen girl in India that we sponsor.  We have now sponsored her for more than a year and have received a few pictures of her (where once she looked so unhappy in her early pictures, now we see her smiling and seemingly having more fun too – as if she is breaking out of a shell).  She’s been growing into a beautiful young woman and has now begun to write us in English every so often (she’s just starting to learn to write it) as well as her beautiful Davanagari writing (which gets translated for us).  She recently told us that we provided her family with goats to help give them milk for their whole community as a way of making money.  I LOVE goats so much, and to know that I can’t actually own goats, but was able to provide goats for her family, made me so excited!  She also said that she was in a first aid program and knows how to care for injuries if her family gains any.  She hopes to grow up to be a tailor and loves to sew!  I think she’ll do a fine job and we hope we can make her dream happen!  We also were able to provide her classroom with notebooks and books for classes.  Beings that I love to write and read, this also was such wonderful news.  Here’s the latest picture that was sent to us through her annual progress report.

So will you help me with my birthday goal of gaining 30 sponsored children? See my sponsorship page to learn more today!!

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  1. AH! 30! Well you look like you are 21 so 30 will be nothing for you! What an awesome birthday wish! I am going to show Kyle and see what he thinks. Sreedevi seems really sweet, and I think that it is awesome that you guys are helping her so much!

    • It is crazy because the little bit of money we give can provide SO much more compared to the way things cost here. . so over there our money is a lot more than here. So while maybe you buy a Starbucks coffee a day (don’t know if you do, just generalizing), it costs less money per day to sponsor a child in another country! I’d so love it if you could sponsor a child. I hope Kyle would be up for it.


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