schoolday2thumbMicahschool1thumb Micahfeetthumb Letoschool1thumb Letofeetthumb Laundrydaythumb These two boys are a daily challenge for me.  I get to hear them laugh, cry, whine, yell, and grunt on a regular basis.  They frustrate me each day but they also make me see that they are such amazing blessings.  What great children I have; it is completely true.   God is guiding their lives and helping them learn.  It is wonderful to see how they excel and understand things!  Sometimes they are “little angels” and other times they test me to no end and drive me crazy!  Being both mom and teacher is actually really wonderful!

These are photos from a morning after doing laundry and folding them as I teach and of the boys doing some of their school work together.  I don’t believe in giving them too much work at this point in their lives, while I do teach them to work hard.  They are both in transitional stages of their learning.  Micah is doing so well with reading and writing and is in a pre-k/kindergarten combination grade.  I will extend his kindergarten year into next year and then add on first grade at the end of that year.  Both of the boys started their schooling ahead of their normal age-pace.  While Leto is six and a half years old right now, he is in second grade.  I am extending his second grade year though.  Next year he’ll do half second grade and half third grade which will extend to the following year as well.  I have really loved this idea of half grades through the school year, and am sure other moms who homeschool their children do this at times too.  I am also posting some of the photos I took of them for their “school pictures.”  Letoschoolpic3thumb Letoschoolpic2thumb Letoschoolpic1bwthumbMicahschoolpic8thumb Micahschoolpic6thumb Micahschoolpic2bwthumb

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  1. great pics and photos! Way better than school photos. To be honest in the past and still a bit today, I am sort of a nay sayer when it comes to home schooling. I used to work at an educational center where a lot of homes chooled kids would need to come in for their annual government mandated testing. Many home schooled children were far behind especially those in High school. Many times parents wouldn’t put int he time necessary and often could not do the HS curriculum and therefore did not adequately teach it. Also many parents don’t invest in having their kids be a part of a community so kids grow up with a lack of social and emotional intelligence, often because they were always home with their parents and the center of attention, they expect to be the center of attention everywhere. I know what I’ve seen is just a small scope of many incredibly educated well adjusted kids such as yours, but all these factors have made me weary in the past.

    Seeing your blog really encourages me to see homeschooling in a different light. You kids are growing up so fast and are so smart! I love the pics of them in dance class etc. I know they will grow up to be incredible men. I hope many parents can see your work and your heart poured into educating your kids through homeschooling and follow your example =)

    • I used to be a nay-sayer too about it. However, most colleges have stated that homeschooled kids are the most dedicated in their colleges and have the highest scores and end up finding jobs the easiest afterwards too. I know former homeschooled graduates and current homeschool students in various grades, and I see some who are incredibly smart and some who don’t seem to do too well, and I think it is because their parents really weren’t giving them enough attention or there were issues in their homes in general. It is the same with public and private schooled kids. . .it all varies! I plan on schooling the boys through 8th grade. I KNOW I can’t teach high school and I don’t even want to try. I barely passed myself! Rob only graduated by 4 credits. >.<

      A load of homeschooled high schoolers these days go to CCM for courses which is so crazy. I've had a few youth group students who do or have done that! Pretty amazing. It reminds me of how in high school we had classmates that went to technical schools during some of the days (like Vo-tech and CCM, remember)? Weird thing too, by the way, is that the majority of homeschooled children I've come across are the most friendly and sociable I've known. There are also a couple who were anti-social and shy, but I think in time even they broke out of their shells.

      Thanks for reading and encouraging me all these years Joy!

  2. Your boys are so handsome Victoria! They are definitely going to be good looking men in the near distant future. Keep up the good work teaching them from home! My parents wish they had homeschooled my sister and I from the beginning and were so glad they are started even though it was not until I was in 6th grade and she was in 5th. It definitely made a difference and helped me be able to become the person I am today. In Christ with love, Rebecca

    • And what a beautiful woman of Christ you certainly are! Did you go to public or private school before being homeschooled? I do know of some people who were homeschooled once they got to around middle or high school. I am glad that you appreciated it so much!

  3. They are such handsome boys! And these photos are an absolute delight. Sounds like they’re excelling academically at an advanced pace for their age. Also sounds like you’re a natural at teaching.

  4. Beautiful portraits! They look lovely! I am sure your days are busy with regular mom duties and teaching on top of it, superwoman! I like the idea of doing half grades each year, it makes sense. Growing up, All of my elementary, middle school & high school classes had mixed grades. Except for kindergarten. It was awesome, because most of my elementary school classmates ended up in honors classes in junior high and high school. When I got to community college, the classes were boring to me, because we covered most of the required stuff in high school. I think you are on the right track there!

  5. I had no idea you homeschooled your boys! That’s so wonderful, and boy are you a supermom! I think these class pictures are so adorable, you truly have some handsome boys 🙂



    Southern (California) Belle


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