[Movie Ratings are on a scale of 1-5.  Anything rated over 3 stars and is in bold, is usually a pretty good rating (5 star ratings are very rare with me)! –  Content is listed for those who are careful about what they or their children view (or what to be aware of). I usually rate based on content, plot, photography/direction, and acting.]

Has Anybody Seen My Gal?  1952 (w/ Piper Laurie, Rock Hudson, Charles Coburn, Gigi Perreau) – 3.5 stars – An aging man who has bad health is making his will.  A woman he was in love with years earlier turned him down and he is willing to leave her family his estate! This is a cute musical film based in the roaring 20s (though only a few songs are sung).  Gotta love the outfits in this!  content: girls wearing their stockings slightly rolled below their knees (to indicate the 2os style of rebellion).  He decides to get to know the family by becoming a boarder in their home (the woman he fell in love with had died a few years earlier).  This is a cute movie and was pretty funny at times too.  I really enjoyed it and thought it was probably typical of how people would act in such a situation!  Definitely something people would enjoy watching.  content: smoking, kissing, belief of an old man involved with a young woman, drinking illegally (prohibition time period), drinkinghasanybodyseenmygal

Pitch Perfect 2012 (w/ Anna Kendrick, Skylar Astin, Brittany Snow, Rebel Wilson, Anna Camp ) – 3 stars – This is a story about a girl who goes to college to suit her father’s wishes.  She wants to be a DJ and he wants her to get an education.  The school she goes to is all about their acapella groups.  She joins one after much prodding from a group who has lost most of their members.  She learns the struggle of breaking out of her shell and learning to trust and care for people.  Although the story was very good, there were a lot of inappropriate unnecessary situations, just as the mistreatment of an overweight girl by a guy who thinks he is all that. It was very chauvinistic how he acted. One good part is that there was no sexual scenes, though there were allusions to sex and much innuendos and references.  The music was well done, but I had a problem with how a couple of the girls purposefully sounded pop-like to where their voices sounded fake and auto-tuned.  Other than that it was well done.  content: puking (and lots of it), bad language (b word, s word, hell used incorrectly, Jesus’ name used incorrectly, the f word), calling people names like “slut”, sexual references and innuendos, songs about sex, talk about having sex several times, A girl that constantly gropes herself or other people try to grope her, kissing, a guy and girl are in a shower together, though you see their feet and the man’s upper body and the girl’s shoulders, immodesty (short skirts, cleavage, bikinis, girls in towels, men’s chests shown), people who may be underage drinkers (freshmen in college for instance), drunkenness, a drug reference

A Very Special Favor 1965 (w/ Rock Hudson, Leslie Caron, Charles Boyer) – 2 stars – This is a film that confused me in the beginning.  An attorney going against Paul Chadwick knows that Paul seems to have a way with the ladies, including a female judge in a case they have against one another in France.  When he finds out a daughter that he hasn’t seen in 20 years is just as bossy and controlling as his own mother with her fiance’, so he wants to bring her down and get Paul to woo her.  If he doesn’t, the attorney will expose Paul’s relationship he had with the judge.  The problem however is that after tricking the attorney’s daughter Lauren, Paul and Lauren seem to get along splendidly and might be falling for one another, causing the attorney to realize that he cannot have them together at all!  This causes problems in which Lauren wants to use against Paul, but of course there may be true feeling between them, so this is just filled with comedic drama.  It was nice but I really don’t like how they trick each other.  It is pretty cruel. I think I would have liked this film more a few years ago but now I don’t know, it just doesn’t seem to be realistic enough and too outlandish.  I’d like to give it a higher rating, but am unable to. content: woman believes she has been deflowered, you can see a very quick curve of a side part of a breast while a woman is trying to keep herself covered in a sheet on a bed, talk about sex and virginity, kissing, man seen topless and in bed with a sheet on himself and believes himself to have been ravaged, drunkenness, smoking, alcohol use and drinking, immodesty

The Invisible War 2012 (documentary) – 3.25 stars – I seem to have a weakness for documentaries, so I try to include one for each batch of reviews I post.  This one focuses on women in the military and what hundreds of them face while being around many men who seem to get away with rape after rape and praised for their service to their country while oppressing women around them that they work with.  A man and a few women were interviewed to see how they endure after they themselves suffered from rapes.  It was really sad to watch.  One of my friends who has a husband in the military had told me about how bad it was, but I didn’t really think about it much, even regarding all the human trafficking research I’ve done all throughout the years.  What many of these women go through is so traumatic.  It seems like not much is happening to keep these guys from coninuing to treat the women in the military from harm.  Barely any suffer from consequences of what they do to these women.  To help action to take place, please go to this site. content: talk about rape throughout it (and therefore some descriptions of how it was done to them), the f word used a few times as well as some sexual terms or improper names towards women used by men to justify their actions.  The Lord’s name used in vain, some other language mentioned, kissing, talk about homosexual rape as well, immodestytheinvisiblewar

The Man From Planet X  1951 (w/ Raymond Bond, Robert Clarke, William Schallert, Margaret Field) – 2.5 stars – This probably was one of those freaky cult films that people are addicted to and don’t understand or got freaked out over when it came out.  Then again maybe it was a flop!  A man from another planet comes to Earth.  When a scientist gets in touch with the alien (who seemed pretty friendly) things start going crazy where he has an affect on the people there who start acting funny (as if not really alert).  The creature in itself is like a man with a giant head but he dresses like a normal astronaut.  A reporter who is there tries to help out and understand things better.  It leads to quite an interesting plot, though it didn’t truly hold much ground for making sense.  However, it was nice to see (and short).  content: shooting, strangling, possible frightening imagery

The Pirates: Band of Misfits 2012 (animated w/ voices of Hugh Grant, David Tennant, Martin Freeman, Imelda Staunton) – 2.5 stars– There is a Pirate of the Year contest and Pirate Captain wants to enter it.  However, he has a lot of competition and is pretty much the underdog of the pirates.  It seems as if the captain just wants to be noticed for his excellency as a pirate.  Of course they run into Charles Darwin who seems to be after something that the pirates do have which is of value.  My boys laughed at this movie and thought it was good, but I was iffy on it.   The animation was wonderful and definitely was Wallace & Gromit-like.  The movie showed what is most important is the friends you make and the love they share together rather than all the crazy pirate stuff you’d imagine they’d enjoy doing instead. content: a quick naked pirate crew is shown  (parts are covered, though much skin seen), immodesty (pirate women showing midriffs and curves wearing very tightly fitted clothing), talk about violence, fighting. violent imagery (a picture of a woman holding a man’s head), use of the small “a” word, a woman is taking a bath and men fall in the tub with her (they think she is a man and bubbles are covering her), drinking, stabbing, shooting, deceit, woman seen in bloomers, mermaids and hula dancers shown wearing little clothing

Warm Bodies 2013 (w/ Nicholas Hoult, Theresa Palmer, John Malkovich, Analeigh Tipton) – 3.5 stars – There was an outbreak of some type of virus that created zombies.  People are looking for a cure so that more zombies won’t break out.  We have a story narrated by a zombie.  He doesn’t remember who he is, but he lets us know what his life is like.  Then, he sees a girl.  Something within him is drawn to her.  Something about him is different from other zombies. This story is truly funny, because you wouldn’t believe a love story at all would happen between an undead and a fully living person.  This story was very much like Romeo and Juliet to me.  The zombie’s name is even “R” and the girl’s name is “Julie”.  There is even a sort of balcony scene! It was a funny movie and cute.  The only thing about it was that there was one unnessesary scene and some language.  I liked the film outside of these things. content: graphic violence (people shooting zombies, and zombies biting people and eating brains), kissing, a woman takes her shirt off with the opposite sex in the room with her (you see the back of her bra strap only),  in the same scene a woman takes off her pants and you see her in full panties from the back, language: S word a few times, long and short A words, God’s name in vain (though said in fear, so it could have been correct to call out for help), one F word, improper use of the word “hell”, B wordWarm Bodies

J. Edgar 2011 (w/ Leonardo DiCaprio, Naomi Watts, Judi Dench, Arnie Hammer) – 2 stars – I have loved pretty much all of the Clint Eastwood films he’s directed , but this one I did not enjoy.  There were some very interesting scenes that were so great such as between Naomi Watts’ character w/ “Leo” and Judi Dench’s character with him as well.  Also the scenes about Charles Lindburg was interesting.  I learned about that case in school and to see about it on film was so unique.  The whole concept of this movie is to learn about how J. Edgar Hoover’s notions about investigations and seeing how he lived his life in between was like.  Leonardo DiCaprio tries his best to pull Hoover’s accent, and I think it was a little strange at times.  Also there was some make-up used to make some of the characters looked aged, and it looked so bad!!!  I was kinda stunned about that one.  The movie started out so good but declined in time.  I think that Arnie Hammer’s acting was very well done in this film.  I think this movie was done as well as it could be, and although it was disappointing, it did hold my interest several times to learn new things about the man of J. Edgar Hoover.  content: a scene of a man playing a recording of a woman receiving an orgasm over and over (and you see a couple’s shadow on a wall of the act), gun violence, punching, biting, homosexual situations (nothing seen outside of a kiss between two men), talk about homosexuality, use of a vulgar word 2x, f word once, smoking, drinking , a child’s dead remains shown (may be pretty gruesome to some), God’s name used in vain once

The Brady Bunch 1969-1973 (seasons 1-5) – 4 stars – If you didn’t grow up watching this great family show (originally or reruns), then I suggest you give it a try.  I loved this show as a child and remembered every single episode but not so much of the very last few at all.  The last season wasn’t that great, unfortunately, and they even tried to bring in Robbie Rist as a cousin for extra entertainment since all the younger kids were getting older.  The show is about two parents who get married.  Each of them has 3 children.  All the stories surround what the family goes through now that they are one family.  I watched much of these episodes (mainly just the first couple of seasons) with my sons who thought it was funny.  content: young girls in very short skirts, 2 episodes of girls in bikinis, an episode with teen smoking, deceitfulness, kissing, people bickering with one another or trying to get back at thembrady_bunch_s01_

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  1. I love your movie reviews because I never have time to watch movies, so when I do have time I don’t even know where to start. I also like how you address the content portion because even though I’m not watching these with my kids I like to be very careful of what I watch for my own sake. I’m very sensitive to anything scary and violent so I try to stay away from movies like that.

    Love you blog! I’m sorry I don’t comment often. I don’t really get much time to read of my own pleasure and when I do, its very limited =T I really like the issues you discuss and your fearlessness in your writing. Your passion is certainly evident in your words=)


    • I’m so glad to hear of it! Not many people comment on my posts lately (at least in comparison to when I used to get 20 comments per post), yet I see so many people are accessing my entries each day, including loads from facebook, so it is nice to see feedback! I’m sensitive to many things, which is why I write content in my reviews. I read your blog and love it too! I try to comment on every one, but sometimes it is hard to!!!

  2. The only one I have seen is “Warm Bodies”. I thought it was funny, a bit cheesy. Some of these seem really good! I wanna see “Has anybody seen my gal?” looks cute!

  3. I think when I come over next time (I’m allowed, right?) we can watch a movie together. I somehow got the impression that you watch movies with some content but your Rob won’t at all. I want to watch a few movies that are on my list that have a bit of content, not so that I can enjoy them for myself—but so I can know EXACTLY when something is going to come up that needs to be fast forwarded when Rob watches it with me! Another reason is that so I can watch movies he really liked in the past but just can’t remember where the content was (he didn’t avoid them back then). IMDB isn’t very precise, as you know. Often times it does a good job though, but it won’t tell you where in the movie the sexual content is.

    Fargo for instance! I have not seen this, but Rob says it has a lot of stuff in it.


    • Of course you’d be allowed to come over again, silly woman. I do watch some movies with content, but I usually fast forward or skip the scenes when they show up. There was one time recently where I just took the whole DVD out, so it depends really. Rob refuses to watch anything with any of that stuff in it, which makes me glad. We threw out all the movies that we used to like that has content in it. We are okay with living without them. I never saw Fargo before either. I remember when it came out and was a success and people talked about it though.


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