I’m pretty behind in blog entries (and in reading other people’s blog entries as well).  In early September, our family headed out 4 hours away to the free iMATTER festival with some of our youth group boys and leaders.  We thought it was going to be a Christian festival because most of the bands were Christian in which we knew would be playing such as For Today, August Burns Red, Gethsemane, Blood of the Martyrs, and more, but it was a bit of a mix of various hardcore and metal bands all trying to talk about suicide prevention and show that there is hope to live for.   It was so strange to hear such mixed messages being proclaimed to these many teen kids who were there.  Some bands said to hope in yourself because you can depend on yourself and no one else, others said to depend on Christ because He gives us purpose and that everyone and everything will fail us.  I think if I was unsure of myself as a teenager and didn’t believe in anything really, I would be more mixed up after hearing each message.  It was a weird weather day too and was on and off drizzling, but thankfully no downpour or anything.

I do want to encourage those who might have thoughts of suicide to truly see the beauty around you and to know that even if things are hard, there are people who care about you (whether you want to believe it or not).  I don’t think anything I say will really matter to you, honestly.  Most people I’ve known who have been suicidal have their minds set and feel that the pain is so hard that they don’t want to really think of anything but how sad they are.  I had several friends in high school who confided in me or came to me when they were in the process of attempting suicide even, and I saw them suffer a lot.  It pained me so much because I wanted to show them that I truly loved them, but that wasn’t enough for them.  Some of them were in and out of hospitals.  I’ve known people who successfully followed through in their suicides and it brought so much heartache to those who loved those people.  It angered me even because I never even knew they were suffering even though I knew them a long time.  To be able to overcome the hard times is not easy, but it is worth it. Your life is worth it. You are amazing.  You are beautiful.  You were created with purpose.  I hope you can see the beauty of your life as I see it in you. May you lean on Christ who understands suffering and loneliness more than any other person.  He cares so much for you.  I hope you will be willing to learn about Him.  He will bring you healing just as he did with Legion in the Bible who cut himself with rocks to try to end his life from the great suffering he was enduring.
festival4thumb festival2thumbfestival5thumb festival1thumbfestival3thumb festival6thumb
The boys were really well behaved (and I think pretty tired at times).  They adore “the teenagers” in our youth group and call them their friends.  Everyone is always so sweet with them and they laugh so much while talking to them.  I am really grateful for the encouragement that our sons get in seeing their role models longing to praise Jesus and are fun people.  We couldn’t stay for the last band, which bummed out Rob a bunch, but we got to see a couple bands we like and enjoy.  8 hours on the road in one day is quite a lot, but we all survived and managed really well.  Our boys have since had haircuts and looking back at these photos makes me wish I never cut their hair at all. 😦festival8thumb

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  1. I think the festival had good intentions, just seems like a lot of mixed-messages were being sent off. I guess the good thing is that people who attended will take from it that suicide is not the answer? Lovely photos as always!

  2. do you know paddy kelly? an irish musican with american roots, he was in the 90ies very famous in some parts of europe with his musican family,he lived for 6 years in a monastry as a monk to find peace and a deeper connection to god and jesus when he decided to come back as a solo christian musican .i saw him in concert in poland a while ago,very powerful und kind musican with a strong message and kind heart.he wrote a song called “hope” years ago which is about suicide and how his faith saved him.
    found a clip of him performing this song,really touching.

    he is mosty known in poland,netherland,germany,austria,franceund switzerland.
    another two songs about his faith i really like.

    beside his music he founded an art peace organisation to help poor people around the world.
    if you interested check out his facebook. 🙂

    oh btw i’m magdalena from poland,i don’t have a blog but i ike to read your blog. 🙂

    • I definitely had never heard of Paddy Kelly, though his voice sounds familiar for some reason, so perhaps my brothers listened to him during that time period. Sounds good.

      Hi Magdalena, by the way!! Thanks for reading the blog and for sharing the videos!


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