Leto’s second year involved in soccer started in September and ended today.  He was so excited about it, but we were a little nervous because he didn’t really practice much all year (we don’t really know how to play).  Thankfully we tried to show him some refreshers and had a friend (who is a soccer coach/mom) help out in teaching him some more pointers (which was really helpful).  He really enjoys playing, but isn’t very good at it (and that is okay).  Regardless, we cheer him on and have fun watching him (rejoicing every time he was able to actually kick the ball or block it or throw it in).  By the end of the season, he seemed to truly improve a lot.  Sure he was probably sat-out for a quarter of some of the games more than any other player on his team, sure he often ran around not even watching the ball, but just going with the flow.  He is our son.  We love seeing him so joyful.  One of the fathers of another player on the team said how Leto was his favorite because he is so excited all the time (his son was one of the best on the team).  It was so nice to hear that others feed off of his joy.  I love how no matter what he does, he shows passion and excitement in those things.  I want to be like him in this way.

Leto has a lot of cheerleaders.  Rob’s family were at the majority of Leto’s games and my mom and eldest brother (and once his wife, who works during the time of Leto’s game) came to a few as well.  It meant so much to him that all those people could see him play.  His coaches were so kind and helpful this year.  He seemed to make a couple of friends as well!  Micah loved to spend time on the swings during most of the games.  Micah is still unsure if he wants to play starting next year, but we’ll see what happens! Then the craziness of being a soccer mom having to go to two games each will begin.  I think I’ll enjoy my break though.

Descriptions of pictures below: 1. Leto running around following where the other kids are going.  2. Leto’s sponsor 3. Leto sad because his team lost a game 4. Micah watching with Grandma 5. Leto nervous that the ball was going to hit him.  6. Rob watching with his new glasses (his other pair he had for 6 years broke in half)  7. Leto smiling with a medal he is wearing (sorry it isn’t visible here).  8.  Leto hesitant to kick the ball (as the best player on the team is about to hustle in and get it).  9.  my brother and Micah swinging on the swings together.
socceryear2thumbitisokaytolose Soccergame1thumb socceryear5thumbWithnewglasses4thumb socceryear6b socceryear4thumbsocceryear8thumb

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  1. Aw!!! Little soccer guy! How awesome! I played soccer too (my dad signed me up when i went though a chubby-phase as a kid). I wasn’t very good until about 7-8th grade, and was pretty good in high school. Honestly, as long as he is having fun, that is what is important (but you already know that). Beautiful photos Victoria!

  2. awww victoria he looks so sweet! 🙂

  3. I LOVE this line— “. I love how no matter what he does, he shows passion and excitement in those things. I want to be like him in this way.” Isn’t it great to see that we CAN learn from little ones? I grew up with a younger brother, and although I don’t think I learned ANYTHING from him (jk!), I was able to better understand other kids around me when I got older. I was always shy growing up, but I see now, looking at my little nephews that there’s no reason to be—adults love it when you’re friendly with them! I also would like to be more excitable about things, because all good things come from God.

    7th photo: HEHEHEHE!



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