[Movie Ratings are on a scale of 1-5.  Anything rated over 3 stars and is in bold, is usually a pretty good rating (5 star ratings are very rare with me)! –  Content is listed for those who are careful about what they or their children view (or what to be aware of). I usually rate based on content, plot, photography/direction, and acting.]

Pacific Rim 2013 (w/ Idris Elba, Charlie Hunnam, Rinko Kikuchi, Ron Perlman) – 3.25 stars – I know, you are thinking, “I heard this movie is amazing and you only rated it 3.25 stars? What is your problem?”  Here’s the thing, I liked the movie! Will I want to see it again? Perhaps in a few years. The reason why I wanted to see it is because it looked like it was a live action Neon Genesis Evangelion (an anime I got into in 1997).  The anime was so amazing (though looking back I realize there was loads of content in there I shouldn’t have seen – so I don’t recommend it now).  This movie seemed to take a lot of the ideas from the anime and changed it a bit, but it was still good.  I just don’t know why they didn’t make a live action of the anime in general! Now back to Pacific Rim, Here’s what it is about!  A bunch of monsters from under the ocean’s floor suddenly came up to destroy much of the earth.  To destroy them there are big mech warrior machines that are piloted by two people who share brain waves and are in sync with each other as they destroy the giant monsters.  Things that reminded me of Evangelion is that there were creatures that destroyed the earth as well called “angels” and teens were able to fight off the angels by piloting mech warrior machines by having a connection of the body with the machine (so if a machine is stabbed in the leg, the teen would receive the same pain).  One of the main characters in Pacific Rim is Japanese, having some blue in her hair as well as a similar haircut to a character from the anime who has all blue hair and the same style, so that was interesting to me.  Anyway, there were many similarities, but it was different.  Some of the characters and how they acted totally reminded me of anime characters and how they act, so it was hilarious to me.  THE PROBLEM IS. . .some of the characters in this film talked extremely fast where I could barely understand all the words they were saying!  The acting was so-so (I believe the expressions were well done).  I did however love the lack of sexual content. THANK YOU! Keep doing films like this!  There wasn’t even kissing in it (but definitely affection).  The language . . . I would have liked it more without the maybe 5 uses of blasphemy against God. Ron Perlman of course was responsible for the bulk of it.  The plot was pretty good, the computer graphics were amazing, but there were discrepensies that my husband picked up on that didn’t seem to make sense.  There were some unexplained things as well.  I did adore that most of the people in this film were unknowns and that there was a lot of variety of ethnicity in the lead characters’ roles.  I want more films with less white people as main characters.  I loved the artwork and the scenery and set-up sequences in this film.  The scene of Mako rifting into her memory was powerful and wonderful [got screencaps from here].  content: language (small a word, Jesus/God’s name used in vain/blasphemously, s word, ba word, hell used incorrectly, b word), man shown with no shirt on, slight cleavage shown in a sparring match, a man shown in boxers for a split second, tight fitted body armor outfits that are fit to the form, punching, fighting, several nosebleeds are visible, You are aware people die (but they are not shown in the process of being killed)

pacificrimpacificrim2pacificrim3 pacificrim4

Frankenweenie 2012 (animated with voices of Charlie Tahan, Martin Short, Winona Ryder, Martin Landau, Catherine O’Hara) – 2.25 stars – This is a stop-motion story in black and white (in spirit of the short that was from the early 80s that this was based on) about a boy who seems to be a loner.  The boy has parents who are concerned for their son, because he has no friends.  The only one he seems interested in hanging out with is his dog Sparky.  To please his father, the boy decides to try to do something with other kids his age, only to see his dog die in the process.  He loves his science class and decides that he can do something crazy but wonderful.  Throughout the movie you find homages to other Tim Burton films.  That part was pretty interesting.  The problem is that at many portions of the story, we are left yawning a bit.  It wasn’t one my sons were too crazy about either.  They laughed at certain points.  Then the film just got weirder and freakier too, but in a “I don’t get it” sort of way.  Afterwards my oldest son started to cry and cry and cry because my parents’ dog died this summer and he misses her but she won’t be able to come back to life. It was quite upsetting to witness and took some time to comfort him afterwards.  I was a little disappointed with the film as a whole.  content: gruesome imagery, violence, death, scary monsters, things coming back to life, a boy gets mocked

First Position 2011 (documentary) – 3 stars – I watched this with my sons since they dance ballet and like seeing other boys dancing so they don’t feel alone.  This followed various kids from around age 10-19 who were involved in ballet and were in a competition in hopes of being noticed so they can be able to continue in the business as professionals when they get older.  I loved quite a few of the stories behind some of these dancers.  There was a 12 year old boy who was AMAZING to watch! This one teen girl who was adopted from Sudan made me cry (she was so sweet and a very lovely dancer).  I don’t think people would enjoy this though unless they are into dancing.  It definitely inspired my sons and they were practicing and stretching after they saw it. content: immodesty (dance outfits)

Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters 2013 (w/ Jeremy Renner, Gemma Arterton, Famke Janssen) – 0.5 stars – Disturbing in so many ways.  Do people really like to watch movies of people’s heads being squished and people being split apart and loads of gruesome things that this terrible MTV film showed?  Hansel & Gretel grow up killing many witches after their first one that we know from folklore.  They are experts in it.  The witches tend to look a bit like overdone punk ladies (or Freddie Cruger’s sister?).  I couldn’t stand this movie the whole time while watching it.  It was cheesy and was a waste of money to make it. content: kissing, killing, more killing, extremely graphic killing, gruesome, a woman shown naked from her entire backside (I read one place that her breast is shown as well, but I skipped the whole scene), a man’s chest seen, immodesty (lots of cleavage), bad language (f word, s word, d word, hell used incorrectly, small a word, God’s name used blasphemously), drinking, smoking, guns and other weapons used, women getting punched

Monster’s University 2013 (animated with voices of Billy Crystal, John Goodman, Steve Buscemi, Dave Foley) – 3.5 stars – This was a great family movie to watch as a family.  My boys laughed so hard so many times! This is a prequel to Monsters Inc about James P. Sullivan and Mike Wazowski in college in hopes of being professional screaming collectors.  It seems like Mike Wazowski is up for quite a challenge as so many believe he is not scary at all.  He’ll show them what he can do with his smarts!  Of course a Sullivan comes along thinking he can get whatever he wants with his natural ability.  It was really nice to see how they became friends as we saw them to be in the original!  The best scene in this whole thing is one of the students has a mom who likes to rock out to hardcore punk/metal (but looks like she’d listen to hits from the 70s or something).  It was hilarious.  [screencaps from here] content:  mocking monsters for how they look (as if they aren’t as good as someone else just because of how they look), kissing, monsters try to scare kids, monsters paddling other monstersmonstersu1 monstersu2

Decision 2011 (w/ Natalie Grant, Billy Dean, Randall Franks) – 2.25 stars – I was very bored while watching this movie.  It is as if Christians are doomed with bad acting in all the films they hope to see to spread a gospel message, but end up boring people and leaving them with no interest for the faith even because they can’t even make exciting films.  I love watching Christian films, but I can barely name any that were very enjoyable, and that makes me so sad. This film is about a trouble teen who has no motivation in life after his father dies.  He is bullied and just doesn’t want to go to school.  His mother is pregnant and ready to explode and doesn’t know how to handle her teenage son, being a widow, and having a new child on the way.  She goes to her father whom she hasn’t seen in years to help her out.  This is about trying to build a responsible person out of someone who seems to not care.  It is also about finding faith even when things are hard in your life. The acting wasn’t very good, and the plot didn’t hold up.  I’m so sorry about that too.  The Gospel was conveyed, and for that I believe they did well.  It seemed very rehearsed though instead of natural. content: a teen is shown being kicked and bullied

Big Top Pee-Wee 1988 (w/ Paul Ruebens, Penelope Ann Miller, Kris Kristofferson, Valeria Golino) – 2 stars – I grew up watching Pee-Wee Herman, and I do like a couple of the Pee-Wee films, but had never seen this one.  In my curiosity I wasted some time actually watching this corny film.  It isn’t kid friendly (and if you have Netflix, it didn’t explain some of the content that it should, so I’ll do that for you).  The story goes where Pee-Wee loves his greenhouse and has a girl he is set on marrying.  Then something happens in town and a circus comes around too.  He starts to fall for another woman and wants to be involved in some way in the circus, but doesn’t know where he belongs.  It is of course a Pee-Wee movie, so it has to be really strange.  The craziest thing is that there was a full two minute kissing scene in it. I don’t know what movie has the record for such a  thing, but it was LONG!!! I was all, “Okay, gross enough that it is watching Pee-Wee kiss, but will this ever end?” It was an awkward kiss and not all, “Aw, how sweet,” in any way. The film was just not interesting. content: kissing (and a lot of it), Kissing someone you are not in a relationship with when you are in a relationship with someone else, A man goes in to a place at night with a woman and they show imagery to indicate that there was sex happening (without showing the two people) and then the man is excited and happy the following morning, immodesty, woman’s underwear seen at one point as her skirt goes up, deceit, people being mean to another person, a woman slaps a man hard

Wait Until Dark 1967 (w/ Audrey Hepburn, Alan Arkin, Richard Crenna, Julie Herrod) – 3 stars – This film was good.  It was about a woman named Susy who recently became blind in an accident.  She comes home to a bunch of people working on trying to find a stash of heroin that was planted in her home against her knowledge.  She wants to make sure she can figure everything out, but she has no idea what to do and is freaking out about all the people that keep interfering in her home.  She is not used to being blind and they are really messing with her!  I thought it was a unique story and it was well done too.  It totally was very 60s feeling throughout it too.  I guess my only issues with it would be the content and the fact that I honestly get bored with seeing the same setting in a film without much of a change of location shown.  content: smoking, drinking (no drunkenness), blood shown, murder, immodesty, a woman shown in her bra, drugs talked about, teenagers smoking, stabbings and crazy deaths (but no graphic gore), the d word used

The Bionic Woman 1976-1978 (TV series) – 3.25 stars – I think I liked this show more when I was a child, or I just missed seeing a lot of the later episodes, I think that is what it is.  Lindsay Wagner, who plays Jaime Sommers, an professional tennis player who got in a tragic accident in Six Million Dollar Man (this was spun off of the episodes from the show, which is actually shown in the dvd series).  However, she receives bionic operations that helped bring her back to life and in full force.  She can run very fast, jump extra high, hear from far away distances as if she is right there, and she has a very strong arm.  She is very powerful and is selected to help the OSI with crazy missions.  I wish they included the movies from the 80s of her and the Six Million Dollar man in this series, but they didn’t! Grr! So here is the thing about this show that I love, it is always filled with adventure.  The problem is that it gets mundane.  I believe that is why it didn’t run past three seasons.  I had never seen the last episode before.  The first season is great. I really loved it.  It was clean and had no sexual content or immodesty even.  It was fun and lighthearted.  The second season came in and they have to have loads of guest stars show up.  Jaime was a teacher for a while in the first season and she isn’t even really shown in a classroom in the seasons after that.  Also, they had to throw in aliens in it.  Now, I know this was all based off of a book, so maybe there are aliens in the book Cyborg in which is was from.  I’ll have to read it.  Anyway, it started to get corny and they had to start showing Lindsay Wagner in hardly any clothes to get viewers?  It was so good until those episodes show up.  They even had her showing no interest in other guys in episodes since she was all about Steve Austin (six million dollar man) and towards the later episodes they had all these various men coming in and out of her life.  I still love the show, but I am let down a bit by the end.  They took a strong wonderful woman and pretty much killed the show in how they butchered the end. :: sigh :: content: immodesty (cleavage, short shorts, bikinis, women wearing hardly anything, harem costume worn throughout an episode with little left to the imagination, noticeable lack of bras being worn with some low cut outfits), kissing, drug use (not your typical drugs  – there was an episode of a girl consuming a weird silly putty looking drug that altered her), fighting (a lot of it – no gore), shooting, people hitting women, men demeaning women, smoking, drinking (and drunkenness), some scary imagerybionicwoman3

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  1. “Today at the edge of our hope, at the end of or time, we have chosen not only to believe in ourselves, but in each other. Today there is not a man nor woman in here that shall stand alone. Not today, today we face the monsters that are at our door and bring the fight to them.” Stacker Pentecost

  2. Awesome reviews, Victoria! I really want to see Pacific Rim and Monsters University. I saw Frankenweenie with Liam, I think it was one of those cute ideas in theory, but not in execution. The witch hunter one looked lame to me, I don’t really care for action movies unless there is some sci-fy/fantasy, but it looked too cheesy for me. I am not to big on gore, which is why I don’t like a lot of horror movies.

    Yeah I loved the little spoof! I just wanted to hug all three of them, they were so cute being mischievous together! Did you watch “An adventure in space and time”? I really liked it. Kyle was super into it as well. Yeah, they made Ten a bit of a man-whore, but I don’t remember if he was married another time or not? I think in his last episode he says he got married, but then people were saying it was supposed to reference the marriage in the special and all tie together. I kinda hate that about the new series because sometimes I don’t remember all of the details. I think the aspect of the special I really loved was the banter and the little nods to the classic series. Ten saying “I don’t like it” like Two did, Hurt mocking Ten and Eleven kind of like how One did with Two and Three in the Three doctors, etc. I liked the fangirl tripping the zygons with the scarf like Four did, and of course the Brig’s daughter, that was cute. And of course the use of the old intro and Clara being at Susan’s old school. I didn’t like most of the set because it felt like I was watching Star Wars or something, and I didn’t like that they picked up the TARDIS in the helicopter. I mean, it was funny and all, but at the same time, it didn’t really make sense, They said they didn’t know he was in there, so that means that they were just going to steal it? I liked that Rose wasn’t just Rose again, but Bad Wolf, because as much as I actually like her, they already brought her back. I do wish they could have had Martha or Donna come back, Did you also watch “Night of the Doctor”? I liked that Eight had some more action! I have not seen his movie, but everyone said it was lame. Of course I almost cried when Tom Baker appeared. It was a good little spot for him.

    Sorry for the book! lol. ❤

    • I just mean that if the Doctor gets married in so many time zones to different people (there was once a time he said he thought he married Marilyn Monroe even), then it is what would make him a polygamist, since they are alive or dead in some way or another in some time frame haha. I thought it was weird that he never married Rose but he can easily marry Queen Elizabeth? That is just odd to me. I never liked Rose, but I loved Martha Jones and no one seems to even remember her or admire her, which makes me sad. Have you ever listened to Rob’s podcast on Doctor Who? They review new episodes mainly, but once in a while do a classic one. Let me know if you’d like to give it a listening to sometime. My brother and his friend also are involved in it (so three guys who are total DW geeks talking about it all).

  3. Eek! We liked Pacific Rim a lot too. Wish more people got to see it. I think it recouped its money though, so I am glad (unlike Ender’s Game, sadly….. good message, I recommend it!). Yes, yes, it’s very much like Evangelion, and we noticed the huge similarities too! Just when you think there was NO WAY it wasn’t ripped off, the director (Guillermo) said he had never seen the show. That is incredible. What’s even more incredible (at least for us–you and your Rob and me and my Rob) is the lack of sexual content too. It makes me cry with joy to see movies that are modern with barely any sexual content in it. Oh, and the actress who played the little Japanese girl was SOOOOO CUTE. I cried in that scene where she cried.

    Pee Wee and a lot of kids’ movies back then had a LOT of content, sexual and language. It’s insane. Bad News Bears, for example! I loved that movie though, hehe. It’s just crazy how that was so different then. In a way, we’ve got worse things happening now on TV too. Music awards are like strip clubs. We don’t watch them, but they occasionally show scenes of them on the news and at the gym.

    About Christian movies: Yeah, that’s the sad thing about them. Anyway, we did find this Blockbuster exclusive that had a Christian message to it. I’m not sure if they are believers (the writers), but it really does seem like it. It has later John Cusack in it, and it’s called Grace is Gone. The production seemed like an indie movie, at least.

    • I actually watched a good Christian movie a few days ago which will be in my next review post! Yey! I’ll look up the one you suggested. I like John Cusack films.

      I used to love Bad News Bears too, though I do own it, i haven’t seen it in a while. I used to have a crush on one of the guys and I think back to “what was wrong with me??” and that guy is really really ugly now and still acts haha. I even drew him when I was maybe 11 (a pen portrait).

      I’m sorry you have to endure seeing things while working out. that must stink.

      Glad to hear you enjoyed Pacific Rim as well!!! I agree about that cute little girl!

  4. Bionic Woman and Six Million Dollar Man were regular viewing at my house when they first aired, Victoria. I always thought it was odd that she had to pull her hair out of the way to use her super hearing, as if her hair were some sort of bionic blanket that kept all sound waves from penetrating to her eardrum!


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