autumnmam2thumb[Outfit details in a remix of items I’ve posted/worn many times: Dress – Vintage 70s from hihlo studio | tall socks – Target | shoes – given to me by Ively’s Closet | hat and shrug shawl- given to me by a friend | belt – can’t remember, as I’ve owned it for maybe 5 years now]

Everything on my blog is belated lately. Happy belated Thanksgiving to everyone. I hope you enjoyed your time to reflect on what God has given to you and to be content and truly thankful for Him.  Let me know what you did for Thanksgiving in the comment below! We have been celebrating Hanukkah in a Messianic way and it was fun to tie it into Thanksgiving for one of the nights.  These photos were taken literally a month ago today after Leto’s last soccer game of the year (he is wearing his participation award in this set).  We were able to just enjoy a semi-warm but semi-chilly autumn day and watch the fish in the water swimming around.  It was nice. I was still 29 in these shots (though my birthday was the following day), so that thought cheers me up, as I’m taking 30 pretty hard.

I’ve been going through a flow of various emotions and feel as if my life is taking a new turn in a direction I am not even completely sure of, though it is fun to discuss and grow with Rob through it all.  It is great that we have been learning stronger faith and trust and love in Christ to guide us.  I feel a yearning to the mission field more than ever and feel antsy all the time (which I don’t enjoy feeling).  I do a lot of reading and things to “calm myself” or distract my mind, but that yearning doesn’t dissipate.

Rob and I lately have been trying to teach our sons more and more about the world around them.  We were raised pretty much to only think about America and its history with a disregard to much else.  While I was taught a lot about Biblical Jewish history growing up, and ancient Egypt and Greece (which Rob also grew up learning about), there was a lack of current events or understanding of culture outside of our country.  We want our boys to have a passion for all people and to love their neighbors as themselves.  We want them interested in missions work early on.

Leto has been learning a lot about not being so selfish (he wants his own way constantly, and even recently pushed his brother down to get to the door from the car at home before him, which skinned Micah’s knee through his jeans and made him cry).  It has been difficult because he is so much like me at that age (selfish).  Learning to have grace as a mother really teaches me so much, and tests me time and time again.  Micah has a problem with laziness where he doesn’t want to be responsible with even simple chores because it is “too hard” or “too much work” for him.  Both of our sons are very different in personality. They are each very compassionate however, which is what we try to continue to help blossom.  They like caring for others, praying for others, and showing kindness to all people.  I love that.  It warms my heart that Leto has been reading his real Bible pretty much daily (not a paraphrased picture one, but a full blown NIV one).  I think it is a good practice and habit to be in early on. He’s been reading the book of Luke (I give him a section each day to read).  He actually loves learning of the incredible things about Jesus and tells me what he learned from his reading.
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  1. Victoria I was so excited to see an update from you. I myself have been neglecting my own blog. I Hope to change that after this week is over. I have music finals so juts crazy busy. I love your outfit as always and for real you so do not look 30. 🙂 the boys sure are growing up and commend rob and you for teaching them from a biblical lenses about our world. That is something I am truly thankful my parents did with me when they started homeschooling me in 6th grade. God bless and happy thanksgiving late!

  2. Happy 30th! 30 is still so young especially if you live to be 90 or more. I think of it as “mature youth.” I don’t know anything about the messianic religion, but you pique my interest whenever you mention it. How cool that you celebrate Hanukah as a Christian family. I really appreciate the strong compassionate values your teaching your sons. I hope you all get to travel around the world at some point and enjoy different cultures and people.

    • Messianics for the most part celebrate the appointed feasts (many Messianics literally have Jewish blood within them) and who believe in Jesus fulfilling the law. They believe Jesus is the Messiah. We call ourselves “Messianic Anabaptists” . . .if you have questions about what an Anabaptist is, let me know haha. Problem is that is what we are even more passionate about so that could be gigantic to explain.

      Thanks for your kind comment!!!

  3. That’s really cool that you have such a passion for educating your children about the world around them and treating others with love. It’s so funny to me that you (and several people I know IRL) are taking 30 so hard! You are beautiful lady, and so are they! I’ve been blessed with some older friends who have shown me the right of it as they grow older ahead of me, I plan on embracing it in the same way when I get there. 🙂 I love these leafy autumn photos and the way your blue dress stands out so well among them!

    Happy belated! -^_^-

  4. beautiful pictures Victoria! I love all of them, you guys are all so photogenic! I honestly would not know that you are 30 unless you told me. You look very young for your age! I know it is not always about looks though. I feel that 30 is kind of a big milestone, so we all reflect on our life so far, what things we still want to accomplish, etc. It is hard! Kyle is 31 and is hard on himself for not having a ‘great’ job, and not being done with school, but I just think that the fact that he keeps working on it is what makes him amazing, even if he is cranky, lol. Same with you, you are a great mother, I can tell by the way that you always post about what you wish to continue to teach your children. I wish you could come by and teach my dad a few lessons regarding the rest of the world, sheesh. Anyway, I hope you guys had a great holiday, and I hope that you do a post when it is over, with more awesome pics!

    • I think it is usually harder on men actually, because they want to feel as if they accomplish things and need pats on their backs that they are doing a good job. Also they want to be making the most money to provide for their family and know that all is well. Rob will be 31 next month but he seems to be okay and has accepted the choices he has made to get him where he is, while I have a more difficult time with growing older. He loves getting grey hairs and little wrinkles. Weird. haha. I haven’t taken enough photos of my family lately and really need to. Tell Kyle he seems like a hard worker from what I’ve noticed in getting to know you and reading your blog!

  5. This place is absolutely beautiful! Lovely pictures 🙂

  6. I’ve actually seen this post a while back, but I don’t remember why I didn’t leave a comment!

    I think I’ve decided that you have the best outfit photos from all the blogs I know. I was looking through your Etsy and saw amazing shots from your past sales. They’re not pretentious. They remind me of a real life fairy tale. I think I remember reading someone’s comment about your photos looking like Wes Anderson’s films. I AGREE!

    This post sounds a lot like the most recent letter you sent me, hehe. What makes you antsy? Is it just wanting to do more with your life and missions?

    I very much admire how you teach your kids. Parents tend to shelter their kinds from global current events and only do the ancient stuff. It proves true from what you and Rob said about what you learned growing up. I learned about ancient Greece, Rome, China, Japan, Egypt, and Israel mostly. Actually, I learned those on my own. My parents weren’t really into teaching history to me. I want to be able to teach my kids about current events too around the world.


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