1. I love this idea of making a swing bed outdoors to lay on while reading a book outside. Very dreamy and easy to make.

2. This link has photos of elderly people looking in mirrors at themselves when they were younger.  It must have taken so much time and was so creative.

3. Two similar things, First, our friend Brent works at A Small Orange (a gaming company). They are raising $5,000 and will be giving money to help sick children in hospitals.  Please take a look. Second, one of my best friends Lynsie has been wearing a dress per day in December to raise money for International Justice Mission (which I’ve posted about many times, as they work towards ending human trafficking and finding justice and freedom for victims, while making sure their traffickers get put in prison). Please help her raise her goal of $500. She is hoping to eventually reach $100,000!!!

4. These two brothers took photos from their childhood and recreated them as closely as possible.  It was neat to see this because I do know a family who has been recreating childhood photos of themselves for a while as well.

5. Help me reach my goal of sponsoring 30 children through World Vision in celebration of my now belated 30th birthday (I’m working on raising 30 sponsors in the year)!

6. Six people are imprisoned in Uzbekistan for trafficking into Russia. They coerced nearly 300 people! Good to see Uzbekistan wants to improve on the oppression that comes to their people! While a woman in Kansas was charged for trafficking women into the US from China at a Spa/massage parlor, having them do sexual acts.  A man who ran a prostitution ring (sex trafficking) in Edison, NJ (oh goodness, I’ve been in that town a few times) was arrested.  He would beat women and force them into prostitution.

7. I’ve always had a fascination with gypsies and used to long to be one.  Forget it, I still want to be one . . .a Christian missionary gypsy. Anyway, I loved these modern day gypsy photos.

8. The shark kitty that rides a roomba makes me smile. Who would ever think a cat would enjoy wearing a costume and spend hours relaxing on a roomba that cleans up house?

9. cute ponies
10. I regularly look up photos of real people from various countries (usually it is India, Vietnam, and Ghana – my “heart-string” countries).  This photo of a girl on a street in India stood out to me this week.  I also started to “like” “People of India” and other pages on Facebook, so that these type of photos fill up my newsfeed instead of the junk that usually shows up.

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