December 23, 2013

The Real Me

TheRealMe7thumbTheRealMe4thumbWe all have those moments where we take it easy.  During the wintertime, I feel like too much of a hermit.  I do like to dress up, but I also like to be cozy while at home.  After a school day of teaching the boys, I tend to play some Dota2 on Steam or I read a book.  I have a pretty boring life at times. The boys will spend a lot of their time building LEGO creations or coloring/drawing.  As I type this, they have a stomach virus (and they tend to never get sick ever).  They have the day off and are watching a cartoon as I type this out (in between them making runs to the toilet, my poor sweet boys).  We cuddle regularly, and sometimes while I am reading, Leto will be leaning on me as he reads a book too.  We have a small home, so I can hear what they are doing at all times.  TheRealMe6thumbA bit over a week ago (when these photos were taken), we went as a family with my in-laws to see the Nutcracker ballet while it was snowing pretty heavily.  Everyone in our area made a big deal about the snow, but we felt like it was nothing. The snow has already melted since, due to the warm weather coming in.  We really didn’t get too much snow, but maybe a part of me compares everything to the 1996 blizzard we had with 28″ of snow.

Last year, I had been sent a beautiful scarf (that I wear all the time) from Skip N’ Whistle.  They sent me a shirt this year (thank you so much).  Some of you may know that I love unicorns (I used to collect figurines and I had posters in my bedroom when I was a teen). When I saw they had choices of various things for their Christmas sweater tees, and I came across the unicorn top, I knew right away which one I would wear!  They have ones with dinosaurs, reindeer, a football scene, owls, and cats too. Be sure to like/follow Skip N’ Whistle on FacebookTwitterTumblrInstagram & Pinterest!!! I don’t remember where I got my longjohns from (I’ve had them a couple of years) but the shoes are Minnetonka from maybe 4 years ago. I mainly only wear them in autumn and early spring.

TheRealMe16thumb TheRealMe15thumb TheRealMe14thumb TheRealMe11thumbTheRealMe18thumb

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  1. That ballet outing sounds wonderful, Victoria. What a great time for your family. And that life you call boring? I call that awesome: a book I or a game to while away the hours is my idea of a great time!

    Merry Christmas to you all,

  2. Love the pictures of your with your boys- so sweet, and you look beautiful!! Merry Christmas!! Alex

  3. I love your casual outfit here. Even in pajamas you look amazingly cute! Hope you and your family had a wonderful holiday 🙂


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