ballerinoboysIn case you are wondering, the boys are still in ballet and loving it.

Leto will dance at home all the time.  He hums and sings the classical music that is played at his classes.  When he goes to class, he doesn’t seem to know how to just stand still and often will jump about and want to talk to the girls.  When it comes to getting down to the stretches and the exercises, he is attentive and takes it seriously.  He tries to watch if the people in his class are doing it right and wants to correct them without noticing where he needs correction (and then his little brother tells him what he should have done. Oh my!), but there is a definite improvement in the past few weeks. He really loves it and has so much fun.

Micah had a few issues doing a few of the exercises their teacher did in October because he thought the music was scary, and so he would run to me crying.  Eventually he would stay in class half doing the dance and half standing waiting for it to finish (only on the scary songs). Then in late November/early December they started to go through the story of The Nutcracker.  There were “scary mice” at one point.  He wouldn’t do the exercise for the first couple of times, but then had fun making the mouse hands and scampering around with a funny face.  He is very attentive and does a great job.  He loves to stretch at home and hopes to be able to one day jump into a split in the air.

Both of the boys have another boy in each of their classes now, which makes them happy, though the one in Micah’s class hasn’t shown up in a while, so I hope he returns soon. Both of our boys will be moving up into a higher level class this summer, which means Leto will be the only boy in his class (unless a new one signs up) and Micah will probably be in class with two other boys.  They are currently in Preschool Ballet (Micah) & Pre-Ballet (Leto). Micah will move up into the class Leto has been in and Leto will be put into Beginner Ballet. I love my ballerino boys!

I wish Leto was more in the front when I took these photos (they rotate each week where they are), but he’s the one with glasses on in the back. LetoNutcracker9thumbMicahNutcracker3thumb LetoNutcracker2thumbMicahNutcracker8thumb LetoNutcracker12thumbMicahNutcracker1thumb LetoNutcracker3thumbMicahNutcracker5thumb

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  1. Your boys are so cute! I think these pictures are great and it’s nice that there are other boys in their classes too.

  2. It seems like the fifth to the last photo and the last photo are identical, unless my observation powers are failing me!

    Taking the speck out of our own eye before we take out others’ is a lesson we should learn early on in life, because it comes naturally to most of us to pay attention to other’s flaws instead of our own. Or sometimes, depending on how self conscious we are, we think we’re doing much worse than everyone else!

    These photos of the little ballerinas are just too cute.


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