Snowdayfun4thumb Snowdayfun17thumbSnowdayfun19thumb Snowdayfun14thumbI know of bloggers who started doing photos to post of their children once a week throughout the year, but I wanted to do photos of our whole family.  I don’t photograph them enough, honestly (I used to be insane until my camrea broke, in which I’ve been borrowing Rob’s camera for maybe nine months).  I let Rob know that I was going to follow him around more with the camera (usually he looks annoyed in photos) and he said it sounded like a “cute project.”

1. Micah wiping snow off a table to see what was underneath it.
2. Leto watching cocoa drip from his spoon
3. Rob showing me YaCY on his computer
4. I make a lot of strange facial expressions

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  1. Hehe! It IS cute project. 🙂 It’s easier for me to do that on Instagram and even then, the best (silliest and funniest) photos don’t even really end up on Instagram…because I forget and there are so many I take of Rob, our dogs, my nieces and nephews, etc! I also worry that my family might decide that they want to be more private (especially with the little ones). They’re not mine, afterall :-/

    I like this idea though. Would love to see more of it!

  2. My fav is the one of you! 🙂

  3. You have a lovely family, Victoria. I like the idea of sharing photos of everyone, not just the kids.


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