1. A father of a 4 year old girl in Japan photographed his daughter in the same place, but with different props and outfits. Her expressions are adorable. Loved these. Here’s my favorite:kanna

2. This woman is very inspirational.  She was deemed on a Youtube video as the world’s ugliest woman. She is blind in one eye and cannot gain more than 64 pounds and has a syndrome that only 3 or four people in the world have.  Listen to her great speech in this video here. She’s very confident regardless of the massive bullying she’s received her whole life.

3. I am sure many of you know of “The Cup Song” from the film Perfect Pitch.  The little hand motions and everything for the cup, I have been doing that since I was a kid at camp! It is not new, but done to song is pretty interesting!  I watched “The Cup Song” done in Gaelic (Celtic language). which was so interesting and beautiful.

4. My husband jokingly told me we should invest in one of these beautiful Legacy Power Wagon trucks for our 10-year wedding anniversary this year.  I have always loved classic trucks big time and these are very beautiful, but definitely disgustingly expensive.legacypowertruck

5. When offered $25,000 to do a promotional trailer for the remake of The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, this man asked if he could instead go to the Philippines to bring aid to the typhoon victims. Loved watching this movie and the fact that they let him do what he asked to do instead!

6. I am so pumped up about seeing the Olympics! I always love to watch them (be it summer or winter).  Ask my husband, Anyway, I have watched a LOT of ice skating from the past, from my childhood, and now I can say that this is the next Brian Boiytano and Scott Hamilton. . .because this is THE BEST I’ve ever seen a man skate on ice!

7. My sister-in-law sent me this link with beautiful photos a mom in Russia took of her sons. I am amazed. Here’s my favorite from it:animal-children-photography-elena-shumilova-9
8. I’m a consultant for Rodan + Fields now!! They are the doctors who created Proactiv and now they have a great skin care line that target issues such as acne, sensitive skin, aging, and sun damage!!  Please be sure to take a consultation to find out which products are best for your skin and order through me (and if you have questions, just ask me, and also if you would like to become a preferred customer, that would be great too). U.S. Only (sorry).

9. I love this photo of a Geisha in her Kimono in Kyoto, June 1927. Photograph by Franklin Price Knott, (from National Geographic)geisha 10. Baby hippos are just so cute. I can’t help but love how baby animals look in general. I posted this because it is my son Micah’s favorite animal.baby hippo

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  1. What a wonderful post! i adore that first pic so much, it is so sweet! I to am excited for the winter olympics! I used to love watching the ice skaters, I hope to catch them this time around 🙂


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