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Our Family in Weekly Photos (2014) – 6 of 52

Iwanttostayinbedwithyou2thumbLetodancingthumb comfortingLetothumb Micahdrinking2thumb1. This is why I don’t want to get out of bed. I wake up next to this warm and amazing man every morning.
2. Leto dancing to 3rd wave ska in the kitchen with Rob and I as I was cooking dinner. So cute.
3. Leto wasn’t feeling well and wanted me to hold him most of Thursday . . .and then I ended up getting sick all weekend (but it was worth it).
4. Micah has been drinking loads of water lately.  Keep in mind he refused to drink anything but milk until a few months ago. It is so nice that he loves water now!


6 thoughts on “Our Family in Weekly Photos (2014) – 6 of 52

  1. I’m following your blog now via Bloglovin.’ I remember getting Micah a cup of milk at Gwenny’s party last year since that’s all he would drink – that’s so funny (and great!) that’s he’s started drinking water all of the sudden!

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