Although we don’t have many books about the snow, we do have some that the boys enjoy that I thought I’d share!  I apologize that I didn’t scan pages this time, but it takes a lot of work and taking pictures is just easier for me.  Even though Leto reads chapter books on his own now, I still read to the boys on a regular basis, and they love being read to!  I’m starting to notice that we have a lot of books they don’t touch that I hope to re-read to them.  My favorite childhood book that included snow was called The Runaway Flying Horse (about a carousel horse that wanted to become a real horse).  What are some snowy children’s books you enjoyed or like reading to your own children if you have them?


When It Starts to Snow by Phillis Gershator, Illustrated by Martin Matje
– What I love about this story is that there are loads of different animals throughout it!  I love animals.  My boys love animals.  It works out!  The idea throughout the book is to find out what different animals do when it snows.  Each animal that is asked where it goes or what it does when it snows will give a reply to a little boy who has been curious for answers. It definitely was a great way to teach my boys when they were younger about such things!bookswereadsnow9thumb bookswereadsnow8thumb

Snow! Snow! Snow! by Lee Harper
-After a night of snow falling from the sky, some dog children get so excited about going sledding with their father.  This book follows their adventure and is just fun and inspirational for showing kids how to have some fun together even though there is a lot of snow.  My boys like this one to be read about twice through.  It’s short enough to do so.bookswereadsnow12thumb bookswereadsnow11thumbStopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening by Robert Frost, Illustrated by Susan Jeffers
-This famous poem is brought to life with beautifully drawn illustrations.  What my sons love about this book is that there are hidden animals throughout it.  They try to find them and will count them.  This is great to just look at and go, “Oooo! Ahh!!”bookswereadsnow6thumb bookswereadsnow5thumb
The Rag Coat by Lauren Mills
-This story has a lot of sadness in it but has happiness too.  It is set in probably the early 1900s in the Appalachian Mountains.  Minna can’t go to school because she has to help out at home since her father has been out of work due to issues at the coal mine.  The whole story is wrapped around quilting and dealing with hard times, but overcoming them with confidence.  It has great lessons throughout the story.  This book is longer than the others I listed.  My sons really enjoy all the colors throughout the illustrations and hearing about what family life might have been like for many people living in the mountains during that time.bookswereadsnow3thumb bookswereadsnow2thumb

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  1. Guess u like reading then

  2. Reading your past posts makes me think. I have quite a lot and I don’t respect what I have.


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