In taking on the project to take photos every week and choosing one to post each week, I’ve ended up taking a lot of photos that I have had a hard time deciding to post or not post.  It has not been an easy task.  Therefore I compiled some photos never posted that were taken in January.

We went to a basketball game at one point to watch a couple of our youth group kids play a game. There were quite a bunch of other youth kids cheering them on who came (though I don’t have photos of them all).  It was the first basketball game I’ve been to since I was a freshman in high school (and the first that Rob and the boys ever went to).  They won by the way. 🙂
atbasketballgame9thumb atbasketballgame7thumb atbasketballgame4thumbatbasketballgame2thumb atbasketballgame5thumbatbasketballgame12thumbThe boys enjoy playing with play-doh.  My in-laws got them a bunch to play with when we visit them.  The interesting part about this is that while Rob was a child growing up, his mom hated the smell of play-doh, so he never really got to ever play with it.  Thankfully his mom has overcome that issue and gets it all the time for the boys!play-dohthumb play-doh4thumbOther activities deal with snow and being inside and going to church.  The boys don’t really like being out in the cold, so when we do go out, they want to go back inside within the first ten minutes.  These are pictures of them in the snow, Leto reading his Bible, and Micah hanging out while Leto has ballet practice.

Snowdayfun12thumb Snowdayfun5thumb LetoBiblereadingthumbmicahhangingout2thumbOne of the children that we sponsor through World Vision who lives in India sent us this star and a drawing and message on it for us.  She asked that I take a picture of myself holding it so she could have it.  I had the star for nearly a full month and finally had it taken.  I hope she likes it. I will keep this forever. To sponsor a child, please go to my sponsorship page. I’ve been trying to gain sponsors for 30 children over the past few months. I have received 2 through this site and one in person (I always have information on children in need of sponsorship with me).JanuaryforVarshathumbAnd lastly, after church one week, we were hanging out.  Leto has joined a children’s choir.  Before it started after church one day, Leto took pictures of Micah and Rob with Rob’ phone. I loved to see how they look through his eyes. I felt like sharing. There is also a photo of Rob playing an acoustic bass that our pastor told him to take a look at and play with while hanging out (which he did indeed enjoy doing).letoperspectiveshots tuningbassthumb

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  1. i love the diff perspective kids take in photos as well, & esp love the snow pics, & the ones of your sons at the basketball game. sounds like you’ve had some lovely family moments lately.


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