finallynewsunglassesthumbmicahukulele1thumbRbowiththeboysthumb Letoisreadinglotsagainthumb1.  I have a bad habit of not wearing sunglasses ever. Because of my very light colored eyes and constant squinting, Rob finally convinced me to get a pair. Not sure how I feel about such large glasses.
2. Micah and Leto both showed an interest in learning to play a little bit on the ukulele. This ukulele is not ever in tune (compared to the beautiful one Rob bought me recently for Valentine’s Day), but Micah seemed to really have a lot of fun learning (as Rob was teaching him a bit).
3. Rob was helping the boys get into the car here.  It seems like most photos I take of him are of him with a computer, with cars or in cars, or of him asleep.
4. One of the boys’ aunts gave Leto a gift card to a bookstore for his birthday. He picked out books he wanted to read (though I tried to help steer him towards a few others).  As soon as we got home he spent the next two hours reading the one he’s reading here. He was glued to it and finished it.  If you are on Goodreads at all, Leto has his own account!

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  1. Olá Victoria, sou Viviane do Brasil… sigo seu blog a muito tempo, esse e o antigo. Você tem uma linda Família, seu look é sempre perfeito me inspiro muito. Beijos

  2. I liked the sunglasses that you picked! Retro looking. I very rarely wear sunglasses in real life, too. However, I have darker eyes, so the sun doesn’t bother me as much. That’s so neat that you got a ukelele for Valentine’s. We have one around here somewhere at Rob’s parents’ house that our nephews like to play with when they come over. They are SO rough with it though even after they get scolded to use it gently, so it’s hard to watch them with it!

    Hehe, I spy How to Train Your Dragon and Star Wars. What is the book he’s reading in the photo above? What were the books you wanted him to read instead? Oh, boys.


    • One of Rob’s co-workers was selling her ukulele and so Rob planned it all out in December to give it to me for Valentine’s Day. It was definitely a sweet treat! It was unexpected to (we don’t buy each other things barely ever).

      I’m sorry to hear that your nephews destroy the ukulele at Rob’s parents’ house. Poor uke.

      I actually did pick out How to Train Your Dragon and he was interested in that one. The book he is reading in this post is LEGO Star Wars: The Yoda Chronicles Trilogy
      I can’t remember all the books that I tried to convince him to read, but they were ones that I thought would be good or interesting and he would give snide remarks about each one which kinda shocked me. He’s definitely developed his own taste in his own reading preferences too.

  3. Awww! Look at all of the cute! I like the sunnies you got! Your eyes will thank you later. It looks like summer in that first pic, lol. I need to take Liam to the library soon, you just reminded me! Kids are so cute when they read, and quiet, lol.

    • It was so warm this weekend! It was about 55 degrees and felt to lovely. Okay so not very like summer, but still, I had to enjoy it while I could! hehe.
      It is nice to have a quiet child for two hours after he spent all day talking to me and being very loud (not that I mind him talking to me of course).

  4. that’s so beautiful that your family is supporting the little guys getting involved in music from an early age!! And, I can’t believe you never wear sunglasses. I have light eyes too and cannot go anywhere ever w/out sunnies or I get a headache (which i remember even as a kid), although it’s of course much sunnier in Phoenix than NJ : ). and, you look gorgeous in them! Also, thanks for your sweet comment! I didn’t think people would get mixed up but yes, my bloglovin’ feed didn’t move over to my new blog on blogspot and seems like most people dont know since i have only about 20 followers on my new one. this is a wonderful idea to post pics of your family each week!

    • I am sure the sun is bright no matter where it shines hehe. It gets really hot here in the summers and is so humid and bright, but I am sure you get that on a constant basis in Phoenix, AZ rather than here in Northern NJ.

  5. Rob got his computer yet?!?!?


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