And now for the most embarrassing photos of me I’ve ever revealed to the world. I’m a bit nervous, but want to tell you my acne story.beforeandafter

I used to relish the fact that I had amazing skin when I was a young teenager.  I would even push it in my brothers’ faces (they had it pretty bad).  They said, “Just you wait! You’ll have to deal with this too one day.”

When I was 18 I started to break out in zits.  It continually increased.  At 19 I started to get really bad zit scars, and I never even popped zits, like I had been told was the cause of scarring. I remember one time I cried and cried while looking in the mirror at my face that was covered. Rob and I were engaged at the time and he felt badly (and somehow he has always found me to be gorgeous even without make-up and filled with zits everywhere, which makes me laugh, but he is serious).  I tried countless types of kits by various companies that supposedly were helpful to many people for clearing up my skin.  Nothing helped.  I gave up.

One of my best friends Lynsie had amazing looking make-up that made her face look so clear and gorgeous.  I asked her about what she used.  Two years ago she took me to Bare Escentuals and bought me make-up as a present. It really covers well and helps my face look pretty clear even though I was still zit ridden (Thanks for the illusion to those Bare Minerals – I really love their make-up, truly).  On my photos I normally post here, I get additional help on top of my make-up thanks to knowing how to use Adobe Photoshop since 2001.  Rob got upset with how much editing I did to my face so I stopped doing it as heavily as I had been (I still did it though because of how embarrassed my acne made me feel).

NOW, however, I am a consultant for Rodan + Fields and ADORE them! They are the dermatologists who created Proactiv.  However, they created a skincare line specifically to help not just acne (breakouts, post acne marks, and more), but sensitive skin issues that people have (rosacea, psoriasis, eczema, redness, and more), sun damage (brown spots, dullness, and more), and aging issues (lines, wrinkles, and more).  Because I sell Rodan + Fields’ products, I wanted to become a user of the products as well, so that I know how to answer questions better and can relate more to customers.   You know what? It has worked and helped me so much!  I hope to help many other people with their skin issues and help them find results too!

Usually my face felt oily by the end of the day but was so flaky.  I only wear make-up when I am around people, but never wear it at home or in the presence of my family in general.  These photos below are of me wearing no make-up (apparently I did put on some eye liner for all but the few bottom shots though).  You can see how my face has progressed while I used it for the first week. Sure my face wasn’t really bad, but my zits were actually itchy on a normal basis and my skin and I fought constantly with making sure not to touch my skin and scratch away to make it worse. I have dry to oily spots and my face actually had hurt a lot.  Since using the Unblemish Regimen through Rodan + Fields, my face feels clean, has cleared up a lot, looks more even, has cleared up much of my post-acne scars for a more even looking skin (my husband even notices that my zit scars are disappearing), I am not itchy feeling, and my face feels really clean all day long without any oil to it, while also not appearing dry on other areas.  (I didn’t brush my hair in the first shots, sorry for the bedhead – also I realize the middle shots have the best lighting while the lighting is the same though in the top and bottom rows – but you can still see the changes). My left cheek has always been my biggest concern as well as my chin. They break out the most and have the most scars.
Here’s me after 5 weeks of using the products!! I wonder what will happen after using it longer! I look forward to seeing!  I did get maybe one or two zits but they go away within a day instead of lasting a few days and I didn’t break out in 30 like normal.  I’ll definitely take 1 or 2 over 30 zits.  Thanks Rodan + Fields!  If you’d like to order products through me from Rodan + Fields, please go here: If you have any questions you can send them to me on Facebook, twitter, or click my email link on the right hand side of my blog and I’ll be happy to answer your questions and concerns about you own face!!  Click the picture to see it larger. rodanandfields5weeksresults

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  1. Wow! Such a huge difference! I am glad that the product works well for you, It is awesome when you love the product that you are selling too, and it obviously works!

  2. what a huge difference! and wow, i hope you dont edit your face in pics anymore, even if you did get pimples again, you are gorgeous all the same – Rob is not lying! although I definitely understand how having pimples can make you feel less confident. i’ve never had chronic break-outs and feel very fortunate to have generally good skin, but remember at times when i would get some bad ones feeling embarassed. also, have you tried not wearing any foundation/make-up for a week +? I started doing that a few years ago and my skin has gotten so much better now. now i haven’t worn anything on it in over a year, although when i start a new job i’ll likely put some cover-up here and there just for the sexist crap of “looking professional” where women are expected to look perfect and men’s faces can look however. anyway i wont get into that tangent but i’m really happy for you that this has helped so much! oh and, have you ever tried going gluten and/or sugar (incl. honey, nectar, etc.) free? my best friend and i both did that, and she has always suffered from acne and it helped her tremendously.

    • I actually haven’t edited my face in any of the weekly photos lately. I have an outfit post I’ll be making this week and probably won’t be editing my face in those either. I have yet to see them though hehe.

      I only wear make-up on a couple days per week, but that doesn’t cause a problem for me. I get zits from the following reasons: hormones, stress, weather, sweat, human touch on my face (transferring their oils or my own fingers’ dirt and oils on my face) That’s it. I actually went 6 months without sugars and still broke out. This stuff has been helping big time, so I’m sticking with it. Everyone has acne for different reasons.

  3. Nossa eu amei o resultado, não sei se esse produto existe no Brasil, tenho muitas espinhas… tive espinhas na adolescência, e depois sumiram, mas agora voltaram. isso é muito frustrante. beijos


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