sadlittleguyawthumbcoffeedrinkermanthumbenditletohandsthumb doingdishesthumb1. Micah is always told when he begins to play with his toys to be prepared to clean them up when he is done. When it is time for me to tell him to clean up, he cries saying, “It’s too hard! There are too many to clean up.”  This was him crying and whining to me about how he did not want to clean up.
2. Before Rob goes to work sometimes, he will drink his coffee while listening to music on his computer and reads geek stuff about Linux and such.
3. We participated in the End it Movement (also did last year).  It is a day of spreading awareness about human trafficking/modern day slavery to everyone.  I certainly had people asking questions while I went on errands that day!  I asked Leto if I could take pictures of his hands and he posed like this. hehe.
4. Me doing dishes. . .always doing dishes. . .

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  1. Aww! That poor face! I am sure Miicah will look back at that photo one day when he is an adult and laugh. My brother Mark is really into Linux, I tend to not know what he is talking about ever. Dishes are never fun 😦 I have a giant pile of them waiting for me when i get home.

  2. Always doing dishes, ha! Same here & laundry, too. 🙂


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