Victoriainglasseswaiting4thumbthecoffeeaddictthumbpineappleboy1thumb Victoriainglasseswaitingthumb1. Micah waiting in the car for Papa to get out of work so we could all go home for dinner.  It is cute when my sons ask me to take their photographs as if I don’t take enough as it is.
2. Rob enjoys his French Press and always seems to enjoy making coffee in it daily.  Here he is making his brew before work.  I’ve posted photos of him drinking coffee in the past, but that is because he makes coffee constantly.
3.  Speaking about drinks, Leto recently became crazy about eating and drinking pineapples.  I took the Pineapple juice out to give him some with his lunch and he said, “Mama, take my picture with my pineapple juice because it is so good!”  I went to grab the camera and he said, “I want to be behind it so people can see it.”  He then asked me to show it to him but I told him I’d show it when I posted it (so he’ll be seeing it today and is excited about it).
4. This is while I was also in the car waiting for Rob to get out of work.  I was reading a book and after taking Micah’s photo, I took one of myself. I spend 2 minutes outside and get freckles right away even with sunscreen.

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  1. Olá Victoria, tudo bem? eu gostaria de saber se posso colocar uma foto sua com seus filhos no meu blog, no dia das mães!!! beijos   Vivi Cherry

  2. Amo suas fotos em família!!!

  3. Pineapple juice is the best thing ever!
    Your glasses are so pretty, missy 🙂

  4. Beautiful, as always! Such a wonderful bunch 🙂

  5. I love the frame of your glasses! Did you get those from the website you told me about when I visited you last?



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