A lot had gone on in February through April and I have a bunch of photos that I never posted at all that deserve to be in a post!  That is what this will be filled with!  Most of them are of us just being with friends.

February always begin with the celebration of Leto’s birth.  Leto turned 7.  We have a small home and can never afford a party, so we tend to just have Leto’s pal and their family over and some cake.  I hope the boys will be thankful for such small celebrations and not compare to their peers one day.  We do what we can to bring little bits of joy to their lives!Letois7_3thumb Letois7thumbsmicahrelaxing5thumbI went to my Aunt and Uncle’s 40th wedding anniversary.  They never had a formal reception, so they finally got one.  It was sweet.  I got to spend time with some of my favorite cousins whom I don’t see too often, including one who has a grandson now (so cute). anniversarypartyuncledonauntmary3 anniversarypartyuncledonauntmary5thumb anniversarypartyuncledonauntmary6thumb Speaking of cousins, I did get to spend some one on one time with my favorite cousin for many hours which was wonderful (pictured below this text).  He’s the only of my cousins (I have about 34 first cousins) who calls me (I will admit I don’t try to call anyone at all other than my husband and mom really).  It was windy outside but we could talk for hours and hours and didn’t notice that much.  He just had a birthday this week!buddyattheparkthumb Letogoingdownaslidethumb Micahbeforeballetclass2thumbWe went to see Leto’s favorite friend play his first baseball game (he is on second base here).  My sons really are not interested in baseball, but they like cheering people on.  It was also his friend’s 7th birthday that day!baseballgamedolces2thumbbathwithfish3thumbbrightsunshindressesChildren’s choir selecting songs to sing for church outside on a beautiful day.children'schoirthumbThe fair trade event that I went to was fun.  I got to learn about Noonday Collection and A. Bernadette products that are made fairly made by women who are vulnerable to slavery and the effects of poverty in order to help sustain them!  I made my whoopie pies for the event (recipe here). Mmm!fairtradeevent6thumbfairtradeevent2thumbOther random shots taken when hanging out with friends and more.hereduckyduckythumbholdingmybigboytightlythumbirstcrocusthumbJesus Loves Letothumbparkwithdolces6thumbparkwithdolces7thumbplaydatewithballetkids6thumbplaydatewithballetkids7thumbplaydatewithballetkids17thumbplaydatewithballetkids20thumbplaydatewithballetkids23thumbHollyandtheboys2thumb

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Victoria. Anabaptist, Wife of Rob, Mom of two boys, minimalist, quilt maker, Resources Adviser/Social Media Manager for anti-human trafficking awareness organization Justice Network (justice-network.org).


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