Letoisinawethumbholesinshoesthumbmicahisblowingbubblesaswell3thumballergyriddenthumb1. Leto gets easily thrilled by simple things.  He laughs and smiles about so much.  He is definitely a very happy child.  When he gets sad it is usually very hard on us. His heart is very compassionate.  I pray it will always be that way.
2. Forrest Gump said that you can tell a lot about a person by their shoes.  I don’t always think that is true, but I definitely wear my shoes until they are severely damaged.  These shoes I’ve had a long time, though they are my 11th pair of Converse I’ve had since 1992 . . .all which I either grew out of and replaced with the same pair (mainly high-tops – these are my third low-tops) or I damaged so badly that I finally replaced them.  I think I can get another 3 out of this pair (I’ve had them about 7 years already). They do have holes on the bottom of the soles too, but I don’t wear them constantly. 4.5 years ago I wrote “Revival” on them.
3. More bubble fun for us. The boys can’t get enough of them. Micah was having fun seeing how many he could catch. He was thrilled about a double bubble!
4. Rob has had a rough week.  He had little sleep because of how bad his allergies have been.  I have been nursing him well (I spoiled him with lots of allergy relief items) and know how to make him smile despite how frustrated he is that he can’t breathe too well out of his nose, has itchy eyes,  and has green mucus all in him. Mmm!  My poor husband. 😦

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About Victoria / Justice Pirate

Victoria. Anabaptist, Wife of Rob, Mom of two boys, minimalist, quilt maker, Resources Adviser/Social Media Manager for anti-human trafficking awareness organization Justice Network (justice-network.org).


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