Movie Ratings are on a scale of 1-5.  Anything rated over 3 stars and is in bold, is usually a pretty good rating (5 star ratings are very rare with me)! –  Content is listed for those who are careful about what they or their children view (or what to be aware of). I usually rate based on content, plot, photography/direction, and acting.]

Holes 2003 (w/ Shia LaBeouf, Sigourney Weaver, Jon Voigt, Tim Blake Nelson, Henry Winkler) – 3.5 stars – I remember when this film came out because at the time my husband only had access to Radio Disney through AM radio in his car (a 1973 Dodge Dart Swinger), and unfortunately he would play it to fight the silence, and the “Holes” song would play regularly.  We were engaged at the time when it came out, so we weren’t interested in seeing the film at all.  Now that I am a mom, I screen a lot of films that I may one day allow my sons to watch.  I did allow my older son to see this one with me.  This story was SO very interesting and I wish I saw it sooner!  I was entranced by it.  The lead character Stanley is a kid sent off to a work camp because he got in trouble with the law.  He has to dig loads of holes each day with other boys.  He makes some friends, one in particular, and the entire time he is there he recalls the family stories his father and grandfather has told him about.  There is a family curse and Stanley hopes it is broken.  They don’t know what they are digging for at all.  It was funny too!!  I have not read the book in which this was based on (yet).  As for when to allow your kids to see this movie, I don’t know if it was such a good idea that I did let my 7 year old view it.  He cried and cried in my arms when a character was killed (I had to pause the movie until he calmed down) and it was so touching of him to do. I’d say wait until they are 9 or 10 maybe.
content:: kissing, talk about stealing, boys in tighty whities, a boy mentions wanting to see a girl in a bikini, kids driving without a license, talk of stealing, gun violence and murder (not shown, but you know what happens), someone allows something to kill them (knowing it would happen), smoking, a man says he is drunk, a woman is in a sports bra but covered up with another shirt for the most part , a woman slaps a man, there is racism in this for a scene set in the late 1800s/early 1900s  but without saying any remarks about skin, talk about poison being in an item as a threat, language (“d” word, jack “a” word, hell used incorrectly, name calling)HolesMovie1[screencaps from here]

Big Trouble in Little China 1986 (w/ Kurt Russell, Kim Cattrell, Dennis Dun, James Hong, Donald Li, Victor Wong, Kate Burton) – 2.25 stars – This is about some black magicians who can’t seem to die exactly.  They are causing a stir in Chinatown and kidnapped the fiancee of white truck driver Jack’s friend Wang who is of Chinese descent.  Some of the film is humorous and some of it is pretty intense and violent.  I remember for some reason I had always wanted to see this movie, and maybe I did, but I can’t recall.  It was probably one of those movies my dad watched on a Sunday afternoon after church that I saw parts of from the dining room table while doing homework or something, honestly.  There is kung fu throughout it, which was probably the whole premise of it, and throw in some well-known white guy in it to bring in viewers (which probably worked).  Of course they have to put a love interest in the movie for him too who is a social worker trying to just help people out.  Although the film is a bit cheesy at times, some of the set designs and direction were very well done.  The graphics were not too bad considering the time period as well!
content:: a brothel scene where women are shown in lingerie walking or running around (mostly completely covered, but certainly immodest),  people shown using “powers” like lightning, women wearing wet revealing clothing, scary imagery/monsters, people shown kidnapped and tied up, kissing, kung fu violence, gun violence (no blood shown), sharp weapon violence including one stuck in someone’s head (no blood shown), drinking and smoking shown,  a woman cutting a strange animal with a knife is shown, A woman’s bum completely shown through a see through outfit,  someone gets run over by a car but they were not hurt at all, language: (“s” word, bigger “b” word, God’s name used blasphemously, “d: word, hell used incorrectly, “f” word used once)

Romero 1989 (w/Raul Julia ) – 3 stars – This is a true story about Oscar Romero, an Archbiship in El Salvador who saw great oppression of the people he encountered daily and how the military and the guerrillas worked.  He wanted to seek peace between all groups.   There is great problems between each group and the church was the center of it all.  This story shows the struggle one would have in longing to seek God and live for Him while everyone around you is dying or thinking power is in the gun and in money.  This is a very graphic movie with a lot of blood throughout.  It was a very sad film with a great message.
content: a shooting towards a bus filled with people, a massacre of people in the streets, immodesty (cleavage), talk about God, people shown being shot (with blood shown) while in a car, a boy being shot (not shown happening, but his body is shown very bloody), smoking, talk about “whores” man shown briefly in his underwear, talk about torture, a woman shown being dragged away as a portion of her underwear is shown from the back, a woman shot (and wearing just a shirt that covers a portion of her undergarments), cars shown on fire, talk about rape, sounds of torture, two drawings of a naked women on a prison cell wall, a man’s chest shown, a priest is stripped to his waist, very real gruesome pictures shown, a dead naked woman is shown face down on a street as children stare at it (you see her bum and a portion of the side of her breast)

Living Proof 2008 (w/ Harry Connick Jr., Paula Cale, Bernadette Peters, Angie Harmon, Regina King, Amanda Bynes) – 3.25 stars – A Dr. who specializes in research for the cure for breast cancer truly wants to try out a drug he has created that he believes could be the cure for breast cancer.  This is based on a true story.  It is truly touching and dynamic.  Although I don’t know much about Dr. Slamon, this is a portrayal of his hard work and the patients he encountered while in his trial run for the drug. It was very touching.
content:an unmarried man and woman are in bed together (with a sheet covering them) and talk about sex, a doctor goes to check women’s lumps in their breasts (they don’t really show him doing it, but you know that is what he is doing), kissing, talk about death, immodest (cleavage and short skirts), I can’t recall any bad language 🙂livingproofmovie

The Accused 1988 (w/ Jodie Foster, Kelly McGills) – 1.5 stars –  I have heard briefly about this movie.  I also used to be crazy about Jodie Foster films and there are many that I realized I have never seen (pretty much I have seen the ones she did before 1983).   I also knew this movie was about a rape case in a bar in MA, but the situation was much different and they didn’t really cover the real story, just based it off of the ideas of what had gone on.  The woman who was originally involved in this case died in a car crash a few years  before this movie was even released so she couldn’t have much say in it, unfortunately.  Because I am into justice and being able to see people heal from such things, I wanted to see what this was about.  Jodie Foster plays a young woman who lives with her boyfriend.  She has been brutally raped and has marks on her body that are crazy and bad.  She wants to catch these men who did this to her and get them behind bars.  She doesn’t know if her own lawyer is for or against her.  It was a very sad movie and I think that they portrayed a lot of the emotions that would follow through with such a thing.  I should have researched it before seeing it.  I would NOT have watched it at all if I had known what was going to be in it.  It started out pretty interestingly enough where you don’t really know the full story and bit by bit try to understand the truth of the story.  Well unfortunately they graphically showed the rape scene at the end of the film which was really too intense and was pornography through and through and I skipped over it, only to research and learn that  the scene was very long.  I was really disappointed because I think there are better ways at showing such things without SHOWING it.  I think scenes like that would either horrify people or intrigue them, which is not good.  The story as a whole was excellent though, as was the acting.
content: immodesty throughout, a woman who is raped describes what happened to her, the woman is beat up and has cuts and lifts her hospital gown up in places to show wounds (her bottom part of her bum is shown), women being called cruel names throughout the movie, loads of language including a load of “F” words and God’s name used blasphemously, a man’s bum shown as he is raping a woman, a woman’s breast shown being grabbed at against her will, a whole rape scene that lasts a few minutes, kissing shown, aggressive violence shown, spitting on someone, a man trying to choke a woman, anything greater than what I mentioned is a high probability but I don’t know the full content since what I caught made me stop seeing the scene,

Mama Africa 2011 (documentary) – 3 stars – Miriam Makeba was born in South Africa and loved to sing.  She became a sensation and was pretty open about the racism in her country.  This talks about how she spoke up for the black people of Africa and was just honest which sometimes led her to being banished and other times being loved by many.  In watching this I really adored her music and wished I had heard about her before.  She was big from the late 1950s up through her death only a few years back.  We learn about her life, her songs, and her family.  There were some boring portions or things not completely explained at times, but it was good.
content:: immodesty, talk about violence and racism

The African Queen 1951 (w/ Humphrey Bogart, Katharine Hepburn) – 3.25 stars – This is a film based off of a book that I have not read.  A brother and sister work as missionaries in Africa during WWI.  A Canadian mail carrier comes around from time to time by boat.  The name of his boat is “African Queen.”  Because war has broken out, the German army has people in East Africa where they have been located.  This story is about survival in the waters and hopes of not coming across the boat of German soldiers.   The whole movie you see there is a relationship building between Rosa (the missionary) and Charlie (the captain of the African Queen) that started in annoyance of one another and built up after getting through various trials on the water.  It was interesting and was certainly an adventurous film.
content:: Woman swimming in water in a slip, woman takes her dress off to go under water (she is very covered in an under outfit that even has bloomers attached in one piece – more modest than many dresses today),   kissing, people shown about to be hung with noose around their necks, immodesty (women in Africa shown with bare shoulders), talk about blowing up a ship with people on it, pollution, drinking/drunkenness, smoking, blood shown as leeches are picked off of a mantheafricaqueenfilm

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