watchingwhilesickthumbMicahonarockthumbrobcheckinghishairthumbhandsomeguyheisthumb1. I’m currently on day 5 of being sick with a cold.  After Rob took this photo he said, “You know you’re holding a tissue in this photo, right?” I said, “Well I have been sick, so oh well!”  After being cooped inside for a while the air felt good.
2. We went on a nature walk. Micah kept complaining that he didn’t want to go for a walk because he wanted to play video games. I told him that I hate being inside all the time and that we’d have fun.  After awhile Micah was climbing on everything and was interested in critters and flowers we saw on the way.
3. Rob cuts his own hair these days and always asks me to come in to check on his hair in case he missed some spots and to make a line at his neck.  He had hair all over his face and shoulders and chest from all that he shaved off on the sides. Much of that hair on his chest is actually hair that fell from his head.  He makes a mess in the bathroom and I always tell him to clean it up (and I get annoyed when he decides to cut his hair or shave his face right after I clean the sink).
4. This boy is so handsome and he knows it.  Leto thinks he can get out of trouble with his looks. It doesn’t work though because I used to try to do the same thing at his age (which didn’t work either).

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