anewmonth5thumbanewmonth4thumbanewmonth14thumbanewmonth16thumbAll four of these were taken during the same time.  While Rob watered the plants, the boys loved trying to get some of the water on themselves. Rob would spray a mist (I almost typed Myst because Rob loves that video game so much and read the books) on the boys from time to time.  I’m still getting over being sick and the outdoors really makes me feel so much better (very serious, don’t think I am showing sarcasm, I barely coughed while outside and am an outdoorsy person).  Maybe I am sick from cabin fever and need a very cheap camping trip (hint hint to the husband).  All of us love being barefoot and the boys were running around like crazy and I kept warning them to be careful to not damage their feet (Micah got a scrape on one of his feet which doesn’t bother me. They are little boys but broken toes would upset them because they love ballet a lot and have a recital coming up).

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  1. I always enjoying seeing the sweet little moments of your beautiful family. Reminds me much of us, though my boys are much younger. And I do believe that the sunshine makes you feel better. I went through a week of being cooped up indoors as well and couldn’t wait for all the rain to stop so I could get outside with the boys. Anyhow – you are stunning as always! Hope you guys are able to get to camp very soon 🙂

  2. I love these posts, such a good-looking bunch. Glad to hear that being outside made you feel better! Being inside and sick is the worst during the summer.

  3. Amo como você arruma seus cabelos com flores, lindo momento em família.


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