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Our Family in Weekly Photos (2014) – 23 of 52

golongboardingsomemorethumbLetogala15thumbreadingagainarewethumb micahgala6thumb1. Rob took a few minutes out to longboard with three other guys (one isn’t pictured).  They are all dads too.
2. Leto has been taking pre-ballet for a full year.  He got to perform “The Little Humpback Horse” in a Gala.  He’ll be entering Beginner Ballet classes this summer and he can’t wait.  He takes ballet really seriously even though he acts up from time to time (talking to other students when he isn’t supposed to).  In this photo he was getting ready to bow as the girl across from him curtsied.  Here’s a clip of him dancing – pretending he is a horse.
3. I know, there have been a lot of photos of me in the grass or reading a book, but they are two things I just really like to do! In this picture I am reading Martin Luther King Jr.’s Why We Can’t Wait (which I hope to finish either today or tomorrow).
4. Micah also loves ballet and has been taking Pre-School ballet for a full year.  He is moving up into the class Leto has been in! His performance was similar to his brother’s but with slight variations.  I was nervous that he would get shy and nervous and not do what he needed to, but he got so comfortable that he actually would show off a little bit once we got halfway through the performance.  I guess if you were the only boy surrounded by pretty girls you’d show off too?  Here’s a clip of his warm-up exercises from the Gala.


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