AnniversaryTenYearsthumbAnniversaryTenYears_1thumb2Last night Rob said to me, “You know what’s cool? On this night 10 years ago I couldn’t wait to marry you in the morning!” While some people may have pre-wedding jitters or cold feet, Rob and I both were very excited to get married (at 20 and 21 years of age).  Rob was up early, got ready while pacing and anticipating getting to the church to become my husband.  I was all dressed and ready pretty much three hours before the ceremony.  I could not wait to become Rob’s bride! Now that we have been married for 10 years, we find we are far more in love and more crazy about each other than we were on our wedding day (or any day for that matter).  It is actually weird to think that it has already been a decade!  We took these photos with a tripod, remote, and our sons running around us.  We are always growing and changing together while keeping our focus on Jesus and often discussing the Bible with one another.  This really pulls us closer together and actually is a big turn-on (I’m serious). Dancing together in the kitchen regularly while I cook, singing songs together, reading and discussing books, playing video games, and lots and lots of cuddling does help too.    While we know several couples who have been married over a decade without Christ as the stronghold of their relationship, I don’t really know how they do it successfully, but I do know that from issues we had in the early portions of our marriage, facing those things down together with God helping us through was the best!AnniversaryTenYears_40thumb AnniversaryTenYears_22thumbAnniversaryTenYears_37thumb While some people say a cliche, “I married my best friend,” I literally married my best friend.  The friends I had around the time we met came and went while he stuck around (willingly and happily).  I do think that relationships (marriages especially) are far easier if you have been friends for a while before becoming a couple in general, and that is what we did.  The difference is that we had a thing (attraction/longing to be a couple) for one another before we became friends.  We just took out nine months to a year to get to know one another through deep conversations about everything before officiating “us.”  We continue to learn and experience new and wonderful things together as we age.  I am very thankful that we have made it this far.  I look forward to all our decade anniversaries to come!  AnniversaryTenYears_20thumbAnniversaryTenYears_23thumbAnniversaryTenYears_5thumbAnniversaryTenYears_102thumb

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  1. Great photos, Victoria! And Happy Anniversary to you both!

  2. Congratulations, to you both! These are the sweetest pictures! ❤ Alex

  3. Parabéns para vocês, lindas fotos.

  4. Oh Victoria! These pictures, and you two, are just gorgeous!!! I’m especially impressed how you could get those photos of you two laying down together w/ the tripod. I always want to take some shots of my hubs and I w/ a tripod in a park but then never get around to it. I’m really hoping soon that our work schedules cool off a bit so we can enjoy more singing and dancing around in the kitchen like you two. It’s so wonderful to hear such a happy marriage and i wish you two the very best for many more wonderful years to come. These pictures are a beautiful memory for your love of each other. Also, thank you for your kind comment on the Mitla Moda items, for some reason I never knew you liked the tops. it has been a struggle running the little business but I’m so humbled and grateful for the attention its getting lately & I appreciate your kind words.

    • Thanks so much! You and Jonny seem to have such a wonderful marriage in my opinion too. You seem to really do a lot together and I think that is so important! Thanks for taking a look at my post!

      Oh yes, I LOVE most of the items in your shop! I hope your business grows a lot! It is truly awesome. Whenever the day comes where I could afford to wear your items, I look forward to photographing myself in the item and also wearing it constantly!! 🙂


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