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Our Family in Weekly Photos (2014) – 25 of 52

naturegirlatherbestthumbmicahnaturecenterthumb robbeingcoolatthepoolthumb Letoisbowlingwellthumb1. I was looking for frogs! No success though. I saw one’s head popped up briefly, but wanted to see one closer and better (or catch one for a while).  Maybe next time!
2. We visited a free nature center that my mom often took me to when I was a child.  Micah is looking at birds and thinks they are so cool (and Rob had to lift him higher than the little stand would reach).
3. Rob had a week of vacation spent with us all week long. It was glorious. Here he is watching our boys wade in a pool (I eventually coxed him into getting in the water with me).
4. The bowling program we do each year allows free bowling for 5 months for a one time cheap fee.  Bowling season is on (this was not the first time we’ve gone this year as a family, but I finally took some photos)! Leto has improved a lot in how he bowls (and he doesn’t hit the bumpers too often anymore).


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