SummerProgramweek1_1thumb natureboyagainthumbSummerProgramweek1_5thumb lauracametoseeme!thumb1. Micah with a friend from church.  Last week (I meant to post this on Monday) we started a six week program at our church for children to learn about Jesus through the arts.  We had a very small first week (which expanded quite a bit this past week) so they had small crafts here and there.  The child wreath here says, “Jesus loves the little children.”  These two boys made it together including arranging the hair and clothes.

2. Rob has been a bit camera shy lately. I barely get any shots of him.  Boo!

3. Leto’s first time on a bouncy jumping ball.  He actually looks so thrilled here because it was a new experience, but he quickly grew tired of it.  Leto laughs so easily so I love this capture.  Micah actually could spend hours per day bouncing on one of these things.

4.  One of my very best friends ever (Laura) is currently living in NYC doing training for a couple years (and she just finished becoming a certified CELTA and is a graduate of Nyack) before she becomes a full time Christian missionary.  I don’t often get to see my dearest friends because they all live so far away now (she lives the closest though).  On Saturday she sent me a text saying she was going to be in the area (which is very seldom) and she stopped by to spend a few hours with me.  It was so wonderful!!

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