Photographyclass_Micah's2thumbBarry'sbday2thumbBarry'sbday4thumb Barry'sbday3thumb myfavoritesforever2thumb myfavoritepersonever1thumbmangomanthumb SummerProgramweek4_25thumbBarry'sbday1thumbI know I slacked on last week’s post. Very sorry. I truly have barely even been on my computer at all, let alone having time to edit through photos (which I have a lot to go through over the past few weeks). Therefore I added extra photos to this post!

1. Micah took this photo!  I teach photography at our summer program that we’ve been having at our church.  Sometimes when I let the kids go around taking photos, they will take my photo.  This is what I look like in Micah’s eyes from all the way down at his height.
2. This is my God-father!  He has always been involved in my life and there for many many events in my lifetime.  I have always highly appreciated his kindness and presence.  I let him know that I barely have any photos of us together, so this was taken! Yey!
3. Micah has been a bit difficult lately to handle, but his brother was the same way at that age too.  The whole adjusting to learning obedience kicks in at five.  Retaliating through stubbornness and attitude is frustrating most of the time. To see this smile always warms my heart.
4. Leto and Micah with their little cousin Meiha!  She is adorable!!  She recently turned 3!
5. The boys hanging out with their Papa. Leto was not really ready for this shot and he was tired. It is great how much fun they have being with their wonderful father.
6. Rob hangs out at the park on his lunch breaks to read pretty much every day. This was after he got out of work though.
7. Rob cutting up a mango to share with Leto. Turns out Rob is allergic to a lot of fruits he used to love (yes, this is organic and is from a farmer’s market even).  Leto has been wanting to try more and more fruits lately and seems to like the ones we give him.
8. Leto working on a plane during craft time at the summer program at our church.
9. Our sweaty family! Hooray!

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