homeschoolingleto1I’m a conversationalist.  When I go places and try to get to know people, they bring up schools or talk of where their child attends a school.  They often assume by default (which is completely understandable) that I have my kids in a “normal” school environment.  When they ask about teachers or classes or something my children are learning in school, and I say, “I homeschool my sons,”  I get various responses from people.  I hear, “Oh….” where they don’t want to talk about it and perhaps assume things without asking.  I most often hear people show an interest and ask question after question about the whys and hows of homeschooling.  A lot of them think it is good that I do it.

When people start asking me what I teach my sons, that’s when I have a hard time explaining things.  I just finished teaching my fourth year, which is crazy to think about!  When I began I didn’t know where to start, but I know so many people who are/were/ homeschooled or teach their own (much older) children.  I don’t really make many homsechooling posts here.  I am not one of those craft-based teachers that many moms seem to be great at doing (though we do a craft/project maybe once a month).  I also am not a Charlotte Mason method teacher (though I do agree with a lot of it).

I truly believe the most important thing to teach one’s child (as a Christian) is about Jesus/Yeshua.  I don’t want to be a Christian parent who slacks in teaching about Jesus or leaving it to church to teach them alone. I don’t want to allow unbelievers to mold my children when God has blessed me with my children to train up in His ways. My husband and I are guiding our children to be future missionaries of the gospel in whatever talents He blesses them with (be it art, music, dance, business, doctoring, preaching, etc).  I therefore have fallen in love with the Anabaptist/Mennonite curriculum by Rod & Staff and Christian Light Publications.  I don’t usually tell people about which curriculum I use because most people don’t understand or have these ideas of what an Anabaptist or Mennonite is without actually understanding it.   I am a member of the Mennonite church, but have been using this curriculum since before I even started attending a Mennonite church.

What I love about their curriculum is that God and lessons from the Bible are intertwined in everything in a beautiful and practical way, beautifully portraying God’s Word.  I know some people might think that sounds boring and terrible, but even when I was a child, I always was so drawn to learning about God and reading the Bible has always been something I have enjoyed doing because I learn something new every time I read it. He has molded and changed me more and more over the years to a better understanding of what He is teaching.  My mother taught me many scriptures (I was not homeschooled, but this is what I held on to most in my upbringing), I learned much Biblical history and scriptures and always favored Bible class in the private schools I attended (I can still quote memory verses I was taught from age 5 and up  that I ponder dearly still).  I see the same hearts in my children as they are taught about loving God and loving their neighbors here and around the world.  Leto reads a little bit on his own from his Bible each day without me asking him to (it has become a healthy habit that he enjoys) and discusses what he has learned with me.  Micah will use examples from what I’ve taught him in the Bible on his own sometimes that really surprises me and makes me smile.

Curriculum I have used in the past outside of these two are: Horizons Alpha Omega, Beautiful Feet, 5-in-a-Row, A Beka, McGuffey, Evan-Moor, and Kumon.

Here are photos of the boys’ curriculum for the upcoming year or what they worked on at the end of the last school year.  We do a lot of reading and writing.  They have loads of free time once their work is done, including artistic outlets.   A typical school day is 2-4 hours without a break.  Usually we are done by noon.  Just to let you know, Micah is 5 and is halfway through kindergarten’s Phonics/reading/writing, but he is done with the rest of the subjects, so for the most part he is in first grade.  Leto is actually finishing up his 2nd grade English and Math work this month (three week left) though he had a 6 week break. He is only 7 but will be entering third grade in September.homeschoolingmicah6 homeschoolingmicah1homeschoolingmicah5 homeschoolingmicah4 homeschoolingmicah2homeschoolingmicah3homeschoolingleto8 homeschoolingleto7 homeschoolingleto6 homeschoolingleto5 homeschoolingleto4 homeschoolingleto3 homeschoolingleto2homeschoolingtheboys

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  1. Thanks for sharing! Delight in God’s Word is the most important practice we can instill our children.

    “You can have all this world; give me Jesus.”

  2. I think that it is awesome that you home school your kids! I never would, but then Kyle is the one for the passion for teaching in our household. If we ever get around to having a kid, I am pretty sure it will be a history buff on account of Kyle. I think that it is cool that you teach your kids during the summer too. Liam has shorter summers than we did as kids, but he gets bored so easily and wants to watch TV. My parents got him into band camp this year, and now he is doing very well with his trumpet. He just learned how to play “Pink Panther”.

    • That’s great for Liam’s trumpet work!
      Yey! A lot of men homeschool their children too! Some parents are so dedicated that there are ones that work at night so they can teach their children in the daytime.
      I don’t tend to teach in the summer, it is just that I wanted them to completely finish their books all the way through and believe some of what they learn at the end of these books are necessary for the coming year. They had six weeks off to enjoy hanging out every day with friends and now Micah will be done this week and Leto will be done in three weeks. Then they have a week break before getting into it again. They end school before most people in NJ do, if that makes sense too. They get random days off throughout the year too. They don’t get snow days though haha.

  3. Hey girl, looking over this post again. Can you tell me which book exactly is pictured above, the one with the candles and the words:
    We can see light.
    We want to see God.
    Some day we can see God.

    • Oh goodness, I can’t recall the exact book but I am assuming it was Rod & Staff’s Phonics/Bible Worksheets book from 1st grade from probably the first unit, because it was in learning about creation and Who the light is too and that was in the beginning of Micah’s 1st grade lessons this year and it went along with the Phonics Reading curriculum for the Bible “learn to read” type of portion of it. I don’t have that workbook anymore. . .let me check the teacher’s manual. ..Okay I am pretty sure it is with the Bible Nurture and Reader Series worksheets book for Unit 1 of the 1st grade curriculum after checking. Rod & Staff as mentioned already.

      • Wow, I just noticed I had an email saying you responded to this ha. Thank you! I’m looking at all the different workbooks/materials on the website — would you be able to tell me how you decided which materials, and on which subjects, to buy? I’m assuming you didn’t buy all the books for all the subjects? If you’re able to tell me, feel free to continue this convo on email! Mine is Thanks, girl! 🙂

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