SummerProgramweek6_22thumb IwanthimnowhehehehethumbSummerProgramweek6_5thumbLetoisinadazehere2thumb1. Micah grabbed the camera and took a selfie (and he had a nose bleed because he picks his nose).  He actually won first place at summer camp in photography class with a photo he took (I did not judge the work, other leaders did without knowing who did what).  I am not sure if he likes it or not, bu he certainly has fun.
2. I have an addiction problem. It isn’t really a problem. I just love staring at my husband and his hazel eyes.  I tend to want to cuddle with him all the time lately which he doesn’t mind.  When we are together that is basically what we do the whole time (talk, cuddle, read).
3. The summer program our church ran for six weeks officially ended on Friday. Here is a photo of me with the director of it!  It was wonderful to work with her since we were on par with one another the whole time which made life so much easier there.  I’ve been showing my teeth more in photos lately even though I have always hated doing so.
4. Leto has been much more obedient lately which has caused me to not have too much stress with him at all (I used to get SO very frustrated with him and it was so hard for a while).  I guess that is life at 7 and a half years old.  He’s growing up in so many ways.  I am so impressed by the memory this boy has and how much he loves to learn.  He was reading when I took this. . . which is usual.


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  1. Your boys have the most beautiful eyes!

  2. So sweet! That’s so cool that Micah has a knack for photography even at a young age. It must be so awesome and interesting to start seeing you’re guys developing gifts and talents even at this young age.

    You should smile in photos more…your smile is gorgeous Victoria!


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