hanaandIwithbowlingballsplaytimemama2thumbbassistthatiadore1thumbscriptpracticethumb1. Leto took this one with a phone.  A girl who I’ve known since she was about  10 or 11 (she was one of my youth group girls) who is nearly 17 now went bowling with us.  She is preparing for a new year on the bowling team.  Here we are posing with our bowling balls.  If you’ve followed this blog for a few years, you’ll know we have several months of free bowling per year (May-Oct) that we try to take advantage of!  If you see a lot of bowling posts on my instagram or my blog, this is why.
2. Micah recently had a tumble and you can still see some scratches on his face in this picture (all gone now though).  Throughout the past couple weeks he’s been really attached to me. He used to not want to play with me at all, but lately he’s been saying, “Let’s play, Mama!”  I think the fact hat Leto is starting to grow up and doesn’t want to play certain things with his little brother anymore, which has been kinda sad, has led him to make me his new play pal!  Micah put out a blanket and told me what I could play with.  He corrected me many times which made me wonder why he’d want me to play if he was going to control how I have to play haha.
3.  Rob practicing his Bass playing as he’s been doing since I’ve known him (yey – I get all fan girl about it every time too).  He has been in a band (as the bassist, though he plays banjo in one song) for nearly a year.  Their name is Vowels. You can hear some of their songs here (more coming soon).  You can follow them on Facebook and see updates.  The person who sings/plays guitar/writes the lyrics is 17 (also from the youth group we were a part of)!
4. Leto has been finishing up his 2nd grade penmanship (in learning script/cursive writing) throughout the past few weeks.  Since this page he’s been connecting the letters into words. He does NOT like writing in script but I think it is important for him to learn whether he likes it or not. He actually does a really great job of it too.

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  1. Your son is a great photographer!


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