hanaandiwentbowlingthumbRobhelpingboysmakerocksthumb hanaandiwentbowling8thumb hanaandiwentbowling2thumb1. Micah has been so rambunctious lately.  He also is very silly.  We went bowling twice last week (when these photos were taken) thanks to our free bowling program.  We went again with Hana as well as another time with other fun friends.  Micah has been very frustrating for me lately.  It is that “I’m almost 6 and don’t want to obey” phase (Leto used to have it too).  I need to give him more grace, and it is very hard sometimes to handle him. . but he is a charmer.
2. We visited Rob’s family. His mom has a garden and bought these things to make garden stones.  Rob was helping the boys out with the craft.  They decorated it afterwards and seemed to have a good time doing it!
3. Leto at the bowling alley.  He seemed to be tired that day though.  He has been learning more and more how to bowl better.  Hopefully next year we can take the bumpers away for him to REALLY bowl.
4. Yep, lots of bowling, I tell you.  Me with my bowling ball.  Of course, believe it or not I got loads of marks in the last two frames and my final score was 133 and hers was 130 that game (I take pictures of all our final scores).  My average this summer has been 122, which isn’t that good, but considering my average was 113 when I was in a bowling league my freshman year of high school, I accept it with a smile.  I just don’t want games under 100.  I range between 115-140 games.  I hope to continue to improve.  My highest score was 189 when I was 11. I haven’t been that close to even 165 since.

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  1. Olá querida Victoria, sua família esta como sempre muito linda, seus filhos estão bem grandes e você uma linda mulher, Deus abençoe sempre todos vocês. Beijos


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