wwc3thumb wwc4thumb wwc6Rob was camera shy all week (that and I just forgot to take photos other than one of the days).  My parents wanted to take me and the boys out to Wild West City.  They have a long-time friend who works there so we got the best deal because of him, which was extremely cool.  I will say I never had a fascination with the “wild west” but my parents have always been into old westerns forever (they continue to watch Wagon Train to this day.  My dad always loved watching John Wayne & Clint Eastwood films and my mom used to iron clothes while watching re-runs of Bonanza when I was a wee lass).  I guess if you were a kid in the 1950s westerns on TV was a normal part of life.  One of my brothers always took a large liking to the west and followed suit.  The idea of gun fighting, saloons, desert area towns, and “cowboys and Indians” battling it out are not something I like.  Horses on the other hand as well as farming and homesteading on the prairie are more to my liking!  My favorite style of fashion is the 1890’s era though!

1.  Leto on a pony.  He wanted to do this the whole day.  He was a happy boy for certain.
2.  My dad took this of me as I was sweating it up in the “town” that you can see behind me.
3. My mom and Micah.  He loved wearing his hat so much and wore it everywhere he went for a few days afterwards (but has since stopped).


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  1. My sister and I went there as kids! I didn’t know it was still around but I am glad it is 🙂


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