playingmusic2thumb buffetfunthumbplayingmusic1thumb buggypleasethumb1. We went to the Mennonite Informational center on Saturday with our church (which is new-order Mennonite) before we headed to see the Sight and Sound play of Moses in PA.  Micah was looking at thumb pianos which are artisan made to help provide jobs for those who live in poverty.  We didn’t buy anything, but goodness it was a fun and lovely place!
2. After we saw the play we went to Hershey Farm for a buffet style meal with our church as well.  It was really fun.  Afterwards, Rob made a remark that he only ate vegetables and didn’t even realize he didn’t have any meat. He had about three plates filled with veggies!
3. Leto playing a Xylophone at the Mennonite Info Center – also artisan made by those in need who live in poverty.  Friends from church were trying out various things there as well.
4.  Me in front of an Amish buggy.  Rob felt really badly taking this shot because he hates that the Amish are made to be a spectacle of and are pretty much made as a joke to many (and I agree).  The truth is we admire their way of life so very dearly and respect them highly.  I rode in a real, larger Amish buggy when I was 10 which was done on a whim while walking in PA past a nice middle aged Amish man passing by in his carriage (this one pictured here is more of a courting buggy). The thing is, I actually prefer the idea of riding a buggy than I do a car for multiple reasons, and it doesn’t help that I love horses (my uncle has a horse farm in upstate NY).  Yes, I read a lot of Amish and Old Order Mennonite stories regularly too which probably doesn’t help.  We saw both Amish families and Old Order Mennonite families while in PA.

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  1. The boys look so taken with the musical instruments, Victoria!

  2. Sounds like a beautiful trip! I love the thumb pianos. I think it is awesome that Rob ate so many veggies! I doubt that Kyle could pass up meat without noticing. I love the picture of your in front of the buggy.

    I do like Doctor Who still. I really like the new doctor, and Clara, and 2/4 stories I have liked so far. I don’t care for Moffat’ though, and I really wish someone else would be the head writer.

    • I did not watch some of the last episodes of Matt Smith’s, honestly. I didn’t even watch the special other than the Tom Baker scene. I did however watch the latest two episodes and I LOVED the most recent one. I thought it was really wonderfully done. I didn’t care for the Robin Hood episode though. It just left me with many questions.


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