RobtestimonythumbRobwasbaptizedthumbwatchingdigimonthumblearningtoquiltthumbMicahtryinggoaliethumb1. Since Rob wasn’t included in a recent one of these posts, he gets two shots included for this one.  Rob made the decision to share his testimony with our church of how God miraculously freed him from sin and has been guiding him to truth and a deeper relationship as he reads the Word and works to live in obedience of it.  He was baptized with the other three pictured here.  It was a blessing to watch these people make this step of faith.  We all went outside and watched them get baptized.

2. Leto is a happy guy.  He gets really excited over simple things.  Also, since they really only watch things maybe twice a week, he loves catching up on Digimon episodes on Netflix which he was doing here on the tablet.

3. A sister in Christ from church started up a quilting class.  She has done it before and was taught by an Old Order Mennonite woman how to do it and has been passing on the skill to others.  I was the only one who signed up this time around so she came over to give me personal lessons.  Quilting has been something I’ve longed to learn for a few years now (I even have a quilting book I bought a while back)!  I am enjoying it so much.  I can’t wait to learn more and grow more skilled.  I finished my first block that night.  She gave me homework and I’ve since made a few more.  It is so fun.

4.  Micah got to experience his first time playing soccer.  It was cool that the coach (pictured) is actually someone I went to summer camp with (and fellow groom aide scooping up horse manure).  Micah was learning how to be a goalie here before they started their first game.  He was adorable to watch and did well.


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