cheeringonhisbrothumbhangingoutwithmybigboythumb gocutiepiegothumb fixingthewindowthumb1. and 2. Leto and I were hanging out together watching Micah’s soccer game.  It was such a gorgeous day. We didn’t really do much different than last week.  Leto has been hoping people will donate money through his fundraiser to build a church in Asia where there may only be one pastor for dozens of villages but no place to meet together to worship.  He will bake cookies for all those who donate $25 or more (read the info on the link about that).

3. Micah got to play goalie for a portion of his second soccer game.  He doesn’t really seem interested in soccer as much as I think he thought he would, but he has been having a nice time regardless.  I’m just glad he fit in Leto’s old soccer clothes and cleats!  He seems more interested in sitting with the “girls that are beautiful” as he says (there is a girl on each team) and being silly on the field than actually playing. . but hey, he’s 5.

4. Rob fixing an issue with one of our windows.  He saw something out of place hanging out and was irritated by its sight and had to fix it.  After I took this he said, “Did you just take my photo?”  . . .I like seeing him and capturing each moment, what can I say? He’s so cute.

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  1. i think If I’m not mistaken Eddie and The Cruisers The n word and the c word are used through out the movie. But that could be part 2. Or just down home molasses


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