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1. Micah’s game was indoors because of rain.  He (#1) seems more interested in just jumping up and down and having fun than playing, but he is adorable and even got to play goalie at one point, which he seemed to have fun trying out.  He was all sweaty afterwards so he definitely had a good time running about.
2. Rob’s band (he plays bass) called Vowels played their first live show during the week (we all went).  They did SO SO SO amazing.  I got a video clip played at the bottom of this, but wish I recorded through their whole set and entire songs.  There were so many people there to support them and cheer them on.  They already have more shows coming up!
3. Leto has been being more helpful when we go to the laundromat.  He carries my basket for me willingly and tries to help me with the clothes.  Here he is helping me out while we were going in to switch the laundry from the washer into the dryer.  He’ll hate it in no time, I’m sure.
4.  Here I am working on my last quilting block for my first quilt.  This is an applique.  I put a lot of work into this one and think it was one of my best blocks too.  I can’t wait to piece them all together and finalize the quilt too!  

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  1. Gwah! Sorry, I just saw all of your comments on Google 😦 I did not mean to ignore you!

    First off, great pics as usual! Looks like there is never a dull moment in your family, which is awesome 🙂

    I am glad that you and Rob got to listen to EWBAITE I didn’t really expect you guys to love it, to be honest. I feel like most die-hard Weezer fans are ecstatic about the album. Even though I really like all of their music, I feel like this last one was the best since Pinkerton, though others had a few really good songs. I feel like most people who are simply rock music fans will always be more critical, and that is perfectly fine. I personally think that they put a lot of heart into their songs, even their crappy songs. I also think that it is interesting how our generation was a bit young when Weezer came out, but love Pinkteron, because when that album was released, everyone hated it and Rivers was really depressed. I think that is why there are so many songs about music on this new album. Also, at the last minute , Rivers wanted to pull Buddy Holly from the Blue album, because he felt it was too pop, but the producer made them leave it, and that is the song that got them famous.

    Anyway, good discussion!

    PS How are you on Doctor Who? Are you liking it any better? I know a lot of people are kind of mad because they thing it is too scary for kids,. I really love the stories this series, and I love Peter Capaldi’s Doctor. I also really like Clara, but I am worried that MOffoat will ruin it. I am so over him.

    • I can understand that about “Buddy Holly.” Rob got sick of that song for a long time because it was overplayed on the radio.
      As for Doctor Who. . .I haven’t seen the last couple of episodes. I plan on seeing the Orient Express one or whatever it was. That one sounded interesting. I am still so-so on Clara. I loved her first two episodes when she was the dalek especially. I don’t know. . :: sigh :: I’m trying!! haha.


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